BFF's Forever

Do you have a bestfriend? When have you been friends? How did you met? Are you neighbors?

Well, I ask this things because I'm just curious about how you became friends. Is it like ours? Haha.

By the way, me and my bestfriend were best of friends since we are graders. We have the same school but she's older than me. She's in grade three that time and I was in grade two. We're residing in Batangas City while she's in Romblon. In short, they are immigrants. waaaaah! Ignore it anyway. :P So, that's why they're here. From that day, we always spend our time together, it seems like no one can tear us apart.

But what's more interesting about us is that I love what she hates and I hate what she likes. Eventhough that's our case, we still love each and we never quarreled about what I hate and what she loves. I came to think of it, yet my conclusion was, "What's the point? Does it really matters?"

We were different in looks, too. I have clear complexion and straight hair, I'm tall. I'm a cry baby. Yes! She's my total contrast!

This time, she's working in a company in Laguna, 2 hrs drive from our house, and I really miss her. Last week when she went home for a very short vacation, she invited me to eat and jam with her. :)

At Chowking SM City Batangas, waiting for our foods. :)

Still waiting for the arrival of foods, I'm really hungry. :P

Mhyre and Me, after taking our lunch. See my plate? Empty! :D

We are bestfriends for 9 long years and were going to celebrate our 10th friendship anniversary on August this year. We have now our own jobs and our separate ways. But still, we have made a strong friendship tie.

Gr. Fl. SM City Batangas
Pallocan West Batangas City

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