Tuesday, August 31


This pic made me hungry! I'm not taking my lunch yet.


Saturday, August 28

Hostage Taking @ Quirino Grandstand Manila

I do have comments! Yet I don't wanna post here. AW!


I saw this on facebook and I can't believe how people made fun of it!

Tuesday, August 24

Happy Anniversary!

Yey! Happy 10th Anniversary to you and to me! :) I love you SOH! mwah mwah! :D

And as I browse my blog, I saw this ad! Haha! It's not always showing ads, so if you have seen something like this in my blog, please d click it for me! I'll love you for that! :D


Google? Or simply "Bunching"?

We have a lot of dogs today, for Booba (the black one) gave birth to her three cute puppies a month ago. The other two, still don't have a name because in the other day, they will have their own owner and family. It isn't worth waiting. They are born unexpected and I was surprised when the first puppy cried out loud and I was the first one to saw it. Yay! There's blood everywhere. >.<

Well, all of this, I and my sister do have a favorite, and he was everybody's favorite. haha! That doesn't look disturbing to other puppies. They're not humans. :P

Bunching, the last puppy, was named after my younger sister. It means "Bunsong Tabachoy". Haha! I didn't know where my sissy got that concept but that's pretty unique huh!

The best thing about him was he's so cute and he shows he loves you in his simple way, he loves to ran around our feet which tells us that he's happy and in mood. One time, when I'm washing the clothes at our house' laundry place, he sat beside me and watched me as I scrub and wash the clothes. I always tell him, "Very Good! Very Good!"

He didn't look the ordinary way other puppies look. He's more like a hamster...or a monkey! Haha! IDK! Here's some of his pictures.

My mom and dad want to call him Google. Haha! I love him either way! :D

[click the photo to enlarge]

There is not
One hair of you
That I would rearrange
I love you the way you are
And that will never change
That will never change...

Saturday, August 21

I thought You Taste Like Nori!

Hayst! Last time I went to the grocery store, I bought a lot of food stuffs and decided to went back home as early as I can. Why? Because I was so exited to open a nut something product for it was labeled to taste like seaweed and all i think about was my favorite food sheet, which was Nori Sheet. Yeah! I eat nori sheet with rice alone, no crabmeats, cucumber, mangoes, haha! yah! Not as sushi. I sometimes eat nori sheets as snack! Whew! Yummy! I really love it when it is rubbery and hard to tear! (Sorry! My english sucks.) Well, this is what I bought and expected what it isn't. Irritating! It was just salty and unexplainable. Kainis!

If I could sum up all the causes of hurt, pain and hatred in one word, it would be EXPECTATION!

Thursday, August 19

Add a Comment!

Haha! Atlast! After how many months of reading and searching, I have found a solution on my problem. Haha! It feels great! Lol! Well, I just got it from a blog code I have studied for several times. Haha! Thanks to the one who made that code! Uyeah! So, for the first time, I'm asking you to leave a comment in this post, so I may know if it is working or not. Ok?

I don't have the guts, but I have the confidence. :P

Wednesday, August 11

I'll Drive You Crazy!

Haha! LoL at the title. :P This was just all about my student's permit. Haha! Yaps! I have now my students permit, the primary requirement in having a license. Alright! I am now excited to drive a car.

I am reading some articles in the internet just to know the basic rules whenever you're driving a car. Yipee! I am now dreaming to have my own car! :)

(Click the photo to enlarge)

Monday, August 9

I am Tagged!

As I browse my other blogs, I saw a comment in my tagboard saying "You're tagged!" Tagged? Where?
Well, it's in here. Just answer this for fun. ^_^

1.) Copy tag to your own notes and start modifying it.
2.) Omit existing answers.
3.) Write your answers and tag as many as you want.

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real. Nothing made up. If the person before you had the same initial, you MUST have different answers, strictly NO carbon copy in that case. You cannot use any words twice. You cannot use your name for the boy and girl's name questions.

Questions and Answers
1.) What is your name: Myx
2.) A four letter word: Mine
3.) A boy's name: Mhygs
4.) A girl's name: Mhyrr
5.) An occupation: Managerial Trainee
6.) A color: Midnight Blue
7.) Something you wear: Mittens
8.) A food: Mac and Cheese
9.) Something found in the bathroom: Mirror
10.) A country: Madagascar
11.) A reason for being late: Masarap matulog :P
12.) Something you shout: Malay ko!
13.) A movie title: Manhattan Murder Mystery
14.) Something you drink: Margarita
15.) A musical group: My Chemical Romance
16.) An animal: Mockingbird
17.) A street name: Main Street
18.) A type of car: Mazda 9
19.) An internet site/blogsite: http://myxilog.blogspot.com/
20.) A song: Make Some Noise - Hannah Montana
21.) A President's name: McKinley, William haha!
22.) A cartoon character: Mickey Mouse
23.) Name of School: Manitoba University
24.) A sport: Motocross
25.) A Latin word: Mansuetus (mild, soft, gentle)

Saturday, August 7

Huwag Mong Isipin

Mga Katanungan...
Ano nga ba ang tanong?
Saan ba ginagamit ang tanong?
Sino ba ang gumawa ng tanong?
Kailan ba dapat magtanong?
Bakit ka ba nagtatanong?
Paano ba nabubuo ang tanong?
Mga Kasagutan...
Ang tanong ba ay ano.
Ang tanong ay ginagamit ba saan.
Ang tanong ay gumagawa ba ng sino.
Magtanong ka dapat kailan.
Nagtatanong ka ba bakit.
Ang tanong ay nabubuo ang paano.
Ang tulang ito ay wala lang.
Para lang ikaw ay malibang.
Kaya upang huwag kang maguluhan.
Pamagat ang iyong sundan.

"Huwag mong isipin"

Thursday, August 5

Hottest Blogger?

Kanina, I saw a message in my tagboard. It's kikilabots, at sabi, "hi myx panakaw po ng pics mo para ilagay sa blog ko ha? tnx tnx". Syempre, nagitla naman ako. San naman kaya ilalagay yung pic ko? Aanhin? Panakot sa daga? Charot! Ayun! I browsed his blog and not in my expectation, I saw this :P.

Naisip ko, "baka namalik mata lang si kuya?" Ay ewan. Natawa na lang ako. Top 8 ako sa Hottest Bloggers sa paningin niya. Haha! Nawala na sasabihin ko, basta LOL ako. XP
For the complete post, kindly visit "Ang Kwentong Nakaka ni Kikilabot"

By the way, thanks kuya kikilabots for making me one of the said title :P

I'm currently listening to..

Secondhand Serenade!

And my eyes are screaming
for the sight of you
And tonight I'm dreaming
of all the things that
we've been through
And I can't hold on to you.
So I guess I feel lonely, too.

Just some of my favorite lines composed by Mr. John Vesely aka Secondhand Serenade. I can still remember how he rocked , flipped and turned my whole world upside down (year 2008), when his last album was released to public. My former classmates were so emotional that time and I can still draw in my mind how they were influenced by him. My emo-poser classmates could not resist that indescribable feeling whensong "Your Call" and "Vulnerable" were played.

Actually, I have SS' songs on my MP3 (vintage type, poor XD) and made it my lullaby everynight. As you can hear, one of SS' song is posted in this blog.

My vintage Insignia MP3, a graduation gift from Tito Chris 5 years ago.

So, better buy one :)

Tuesday, August 3

Scratch Paper for My Blog

Aha! Heard it right! Before going to sleep, I am making myself busy writing about what to post on my blog on the next day. I first make scratches so I can correct some of my grammars or sentence constructions. It's really hard for me to write in English because I'm a Filipino. Yet for my blogs' sake, here I am, TRYING...

But that's not the major reason why I do need a scratch. I'm conscious about what to blog so that I'm trying to reach my mind's infinity (if there is), I'm trying to dig my understanding about things and I'm trying to boost some of my brain cells. Haha!

Every minute of my stay in our house made me think of random stuffs that I can post in my blog. But every time I grab my pen and paper, it's just like a bubble that popped out in the air. Where are they now? I don't know!
The ideas are gone. >.<

Confirmed! After reading some infos from the net, it's 99.9% sure, I have a short term memory loss. Haha!

My notebook with scratches. ^_^