Monday, July 25


Hey! Thanks for dropping @ my blog. I woke up and got up late this morning. Haha. But it doesn't matter anyway. We don't have classes, we just had a meeting about the event on Wednesday. Haha. Right timing!

Btw, I just wanna share something about what happened last night. Susan (Indonesian) and I had finally talked after a couple of years. We're both busy with so many things I guess. She's in her vacation (?), am I wrong? Good thing for her. Oh, here's the pic of our Vcall. Actually, this was stolen, but yes, she's still pretty here.

Hey! That's me in black. I look awkward, everytime. I know.

I did enjoyed talking to her about a lot of things. Yes, I shared some secrets and stuffs. Actually, I really don't wanna stop our conversation, I wanna talk to her bout so many things, but time wouldn't allow us. She told me that her mom's nagging. Hahaha. Shhh.

So yeah. 'tis just a short update. :P

Sunday, July 24

It's Been a While

Oh, I've been busy again and again. I;m busy the whole time. I'm busy busy busy.

Hey! I'm done with Susan's Doodle. It depends on her if she'll find it. I'm clever! Hurray. Just like what I've done with my letter for her before.

College life isn't easy. Yeah, I experienced this before, a year ago, and now, back with all of this. Haha. So this Wednesday, we'll have an event inside the campus. It's a required project in my subject Catering. It's all about Kpop. My classmate requested to make Kpop as our theme. So here's the banner and tarpau I made last night.

Do they look okay?

I love working on the floor. Haha. I'll post some update after the event :)

Tuesday, July 12

Excited for what's New!

What's new?
I just have here some of my doodles I've made recently. I don't listen to my professor and I mean it. I've been doodling the whole time and I prefer to study alone than to listen to my teacher.

This two are for my bestfriend. We've been friends for more than 10 years, and our 11th anniversary would be on August 24. Additional year for us! Yehey! I don't know what to give her yet. Any suggestions?
Plans? I'm planning to give her a personalized shirt created or designed by me, a Korean notebook which I purchased last month at the mall, it's quite cheap though, I hope she'll appreciate it. I hope I hope I hope.

This one is for my classmate Glady. She's my seatmate in most of my subjects. She requested for it. I hope she'll like this. :)

Another one here is for our college or department. I just want a free shirt and a certificate courtesy of the CTHM (College of Tourism and Hospitality Management) and ATHM students. What do you think? Will I submit this?

For my Tumblr Mare, Louise.

And this one is...wala lang :P

Btw, I'm working on 2 doodles right now. :) It's for My 2 blogger buddies. :)

And my uniform isn't available yet. I'm so excited to wear it. I'll buy an acne shoes online soon. Which is which?

Please help me pick.

Sunday, July 3

What A Great Day!

My cousins from Canada arrived yesterday. That made me busy last night, so I got no time for blogging. My cousin's busy using our computer to update his friends in Canada. It's their vacation till August so they're spending their time with us.

This afternoon, we went to SM Batangas and hang around with them. We tried the 4D Max, and that's a lot of fun. We were shaken inside the cinema cause we chose that horror movie, yet we're all laughing inside. It's not that scary cause the movie's for children. Here's the link for our video.

We took our dinner in our favorite Pizza House, Yellow Cab. It's suppose to be at Pizza Hut but there's a lot of people hanging around. We ordered for the Manhattan Meatlovers Pizza and a liter of soda.


Yellow Cab's Manhattan Meatlover Pizza (18')

Me and my sister enjoying the pizza.

Alan (couz)and Kuya (brother) at Starbucks.

Ynna (sister), Me and Dyan (couz) at Starbucks.

We really enjoyed the night with them. It's tiring though, yet we're all larky. We got home by 10pm. Then our house is filled with bunch of stuffs like clothes, gadgets and foods from them. It smells like Canada in here. My mom got a new laptop, and it's suppose to be mine. Haha.

And tomorrow, it's going to be a busy day. Phew. I also wanna thank them for the Lays they bought for us. Yum yum!

Photos are taken using my brother's Samsung Phone's camera.

Friday, July 1

Toodles Doodles

Nothing much about school for tonight since everything's in perspective.

I just wanna show you something. Here's my penmanship which really sucks. I'm writing about what we discussed in the previous lesson in "Rizal's Life and Works and Writings".

In Accounting (subject), I don't feel like listening to my professor. He's talking about the T account for Hotels' records. That's why I made this doodle in my book. Hehe.

Btw, I have here some of the doodles I made for my friends.

First was for Amy ( She's one of my closest friend in highschool. We do talk alot, even she's in Manila for her studies (college).

Second was for Enah ( She's my Tumblr Mom. She's good in drawing. I really adore her.

Last was for Kevin ( He's just one of my friends in tumblr. Actually, I wanna be his Tumblr sister, yet I don't have the chance in asking him if he would like to be my sibling.

I'm working on our shirt logo, and for my bestfriend's doodle. Sorry guys if my drawing skill sucks. I'll try to improve my work next time. Please bear with me. :) And yeah, I need to focus with my Catering subject though. Even I have no classes in Monday and Friday, I need to attend our meetings in that days cause we have a lot of things and stuffs to organize. Phew. And that's exhausting.