Tuesday, July 31

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Posted on July 31, 2012, 8:12pm

Who never dream about a home which one can call their own? And to have a perfect home, we need to have perfect furniture and fixtures for it.

Then here's a perfect store for you.

Your home, your imagination.

And here's my top three furnitures from their awesome site.

Perfect for my tons of books. Very classy and fashionable, yet organized. :)

This will surely suit to our native-look house since we use bamboos for our wall.

And lastly, this wardrobe is very simple yet perfect for our room.

Watch their TVC to see what Mandaue Foam has for you.


Photo a day; August Challenge

Posted on July 31, 2012, 7:11pm

Here's a list of photo challenge from FatMumSLim. And I'm looking forward until I had the last shot of this challenge. Have I mentioned before that Mom got a new camera from my Aunt last month? It's just a Samsung L100, but it means so much to us since we broke our Casio Exilim.


I will start this by tomorrow! Yipee! :)

One more thing, my Blogversary Giveaway has ended. I am now validating all entries and hoping to announce the winner by tomorrow. :)

Monday, July 30

Ineng's Special BBQ @ Robinsons Lipa

Posted on July 30, 2012, 9:59pm

Me and my groupmates (Feasibility Study) decided to have our lunch at Ineng's BBQ in Lipa last Saturday. We've been there for the roving and searching of vacant commercial space where we can put up our travel agency business.

The place is small yet not that crowded.

Free Bulalo Soup

Iced tea Tower and Joan :)

Yummy Chopsuey

A closer look.

Steamed rice (obviously. LOL)

Specialty! Ineng's Barbeque!

Closer Look.


We enjoyed our lunch at Ineng's. They have kind service crews and cashier, they didn't nag until we had our final order, we are really confused what to eat when we arrived at their place.

Overall Rating:

Ground Floor
Robinsons Place Lipa
JP Laurel, Nat’l Highway,
Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City

Thursday, July 26

Parisian Black Matte Wedge

Posted on July 26, 2012, 10:35pm

Last week, my sister nagged about the wedges she wanted for her school uniform. She told me she want the one in Primadona or Mendrez which cost Php1,500 in both stores.

Mom can't decide if she'll give my sissy that large amount just for a pair of shoes, she can spend some more if she'll go for a cheaper one.

Then last Wednesday, I saw one of my classmate wearing the same shoes in our class. I approached her and asked about where she purchased the shoes, she told me it's from SM Department Store in Lipa. The very next next day, we had our way to Lipa, just to have that dream wedge of my sister.

Good thing they have largest size of the shoes, then took it home with us.

My sister had this for only Php999

PS. This is my 201th post in this blog. :)

Tuesday, July 24

Jose's Goto at SM City Batangas

Posted on July 24, 2012, 4:14pm

Sissy and I planed to visit SM Batangas last week. We looked for the Matte Wedge she wants but we got home disappointed cause all of the pairs are in small sizes. My sister's feet size was 40, right, too huge for a 16 year old girl.

Then it came to the point that our stomach screamed for food. We can't decide where to eat so I brought her to Jose's Goto, my favorite goto store inside the mall, supposedly there are 3 goto houses there, hahaha! I use to buy lugaw there when I was in my OJT, and that was already 3 years ago. Jose's goto is located inside the supermarket.


That's my sister. :)

I had this batchoy. Yum!

And she ordered Pansit Palabok for herself.

We bought this cute bottled water in the supermarket, it costs only P5. :)

SM Supermarket
SM City Batangas
Pallocan West, Batangas City

Ps. They don't have chairs for the customers but they have stalls in different SM Malls.

Saturday, July 21

My ZALORA Experience

Posted on July 21, 2012, 5:25pm

Mom decided to purchase some stuffs online cause online shopping is very easy and more convenient that going to the malls, as stated in my previous posts here - http://myxilog.blogspot.com/2012/07/online-shopping-addiction.html. Since we have read a lot of good reactions about Zalora, she had her very first order placed in cart then followed any directions they gave. In just 2 days, Mom complied with Zalora's instructions.

The item arrived after 4 days, that was fast.

We love the packaging cause our order is in a box, secured. But when we opened it, what we saw is such a disappointment.

This is the photo of the item in their website. A SB POLO Contemporary Line Belt

Product Deacription: SB POLO Contemporary Line Belts by Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. The Strap is made from Genuine cowhide leather 4 cm. The Buckle is Press type and has Laser engraved Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club logo. Easy-to-open-mechanism to adjust strap length.

Then, this is what we received. Mom is not satisfied with buckle because the prong isn't moving.

We contacted Zalora right after we opened the package. They replied after one day and suggested to return the item via LBC for free. They apologized for what had happened and promised to fix it right away. But Mom hesitated to return the item cause it'll be a waste of time. I still don't know what was Mom's final decision. I will update this once Mom have finalized what's she's going to do.

But this time, I felt bad about the transaction we had with them. I hope, things will be in perspective in the next days.

Friday, July 20

Busy Working with Arts

Posted on July 20, 2012, 10:36pm

Examination was over. I finally had time with my lovely blog. Chos! Results are overwhelming. I got a perfect score in Humanities. :) "throws confetti". What am I doing lately? None. Just some stuffs I considered as LOVE. :) 3 down. Two more left to go. Then here are my works. I'm not with doodle monsters anymore since Tatay dislike such designs. Oh well, he just want us to look decent in any way. So here's some of my recent works.

For my classmate.

For one of my blogger friends.

For Dale, another blogger friend.

Then this morning, me and my group-mates in Feasibility Study headed our way to San Jose, had our meeting about our plans, decided to have travel agency as our business, then finally found out that we're done with Chapter 3. OMG!

Just like the other girls out there, I love taking pictures of myself. Sorry if I looked pale. I didn't used any make ups, just powder. Yey! I apologize for the photo spam.

By the way, do I look like my age? I'm 21 next month!

Thursday, July 12

I tried and its not that Bad!

Posted on July 13, 2012, 8:00am

As part of our curriculum, we are taking Humanities subject. It includes not only fine arts such as painting, sculpture and architecture, but also the performing arts such as music, dance, drama, opera and the literary arts such as prose and poetry. Moreover, it encompasses all studies which aim to make students human, in as much as it was derived from the Latin word humanus, meaning human, cultured or refined.

So it requires us to make artworks like painting, what I just have said.

Perfect! I have some tubes of water color, half-empty, but I don't have paint brush!

Sunday, July 8

Choose Wellness Choose Nestle

Posted on July 9, 2012, 9:22am

Don't forget to eat your breakfast before anything else. A healthy and nutritious breakfast is a perfect way to jump start your morning and give you energy for your busy day! Study shows that you are more attentive and perform better at school or work after eating a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is specially important for children, yet significant for adults. Kids who eat breakfast tend to do better on tests and have higher school attendance rates than those who don't. Take a little extra time to plan a healthy breakfast for your family.

Then why did I tackled all of these breakfast thingy? Last week, my sissy and I jumped over NuCiti Batangas to unwind. It just so happened that it rained so hard and we can't get out of the mall. A girl approached us and asked us why not try to consult their corner to know how's the standing of our health since we can't get out of the mall. Without any hesitations, we filled out the form and did what they required us to do.

Encircled numbers are those which I really need to do. Like drinking milk, exercise, etc.

It's not really good to eat at fastfood chains frequently. But because of the hustle of school and other activities, we can't avoid them.

According to the checklist (pertaining to my eating habit), I have a high health risk. OMG!

My normal BP is 100/70. I gained in weight but not in height. T .T Huhu!

Then they gave me a measuring tape to see my waist circumference measure. Good thing, I have a low health risk.

And to sum up everything, the physician, Ms. Rye, suggested me to follow these advises she had given me.

Title doesn't fit my subject, I just can't think of any titles. LOL!