Monday, August 27

Film Review: The Reunion (2012)

Posted on August 27, 2012, 6:25pm

Main Casts
Enrique Gil as Boggs
Xian Lim as Joax
Enchong Dee as Lloyd
Kean Cipriano as Pat
Jessy Mendiola as Ali
Megan Young as Toyang
Julia Montes as Ligaya
Bangs Garcia as Shirley

I started this review with a dictionary beside me and thinking of that certain right words to fit on the introduction I wanna make for the movie "The Reunion".

At first, I planned to grab the book but then I decided to make this one out of my own.

Before I read and studied the somewhat-quirky reviews of Rhea and printed them out for personal references.

So to start story telling, I am confuse and a little absurd about the title since it doesn't really fit the whole story of the movie. The reunion was held once, unfinished and left mishap. But this led the peer to reminisce the stuffs about their past and what they need to do with the present.

The film focused on how Lloyd (played by Enchong Dee) tries to find his past love and reconcile with her (ex gf, which is played by Kristine Reyes). Thanks to (Jay) Matt Evans who imprudently made the juveniles laugh at their seats. His decent act placed color to the movie. I so love the last part when they brought back the people from the past, the people they loose before. I felt sorry about Joax (Xian Lim) who didn't have second chance with Toyang (Ligaya). Well, that's life after all, and that's the reality. I doesn't always have a happy ending.

The movie isn't really a blast but I can say, it is worth watching.

Lesson: It is true, finding someone, something you left behind, made you realize the things and people you were having all the time, everytime you felt depressed and down, they're just there, even if you're ignoring them, they still stay beside you. You don't have to lose them before you realize that they were really important.

Madalas ay binabalewala mo lang ang mga bagay na meron ka kasi ay lagi lang naman silang nandyan. Saka mo lang mare-realize na mahalaga ang mga ito kapag wala na ang mga ito sayo.

Thursday, August 23

What About Literary Arts

Posted on August 23, 2012, 8:41pm

Sorry guys if I'll have to discontinue my photo challenge for the month of August. :( I don't have time for it since we're seriously taking our feasibility study. All of my time runs on it.

I can barely remember when I last updated my entry. We are having semester's general assembly tomorrow. All are required to attend the said meeting cause it is our acquaintance too.

Inay Mila, one of the CTHM faculty member asked me to join the annual President's Cup next month. I am not actually into extracurricular activities especially those contest which require students to write stuffs extemporaneously and compose something on the spur of the moment. Sadly, (I am not sad actually. LOL) she suggested me to join film review. Then another classmate of mine dragged me to join brochure making. I don't have any idea on what's on their mind. There are so many AIHMS (Assoc. of International Hospitality Management Students) students who were really capable and eligible for that criteria.

But this incident led me to discover something (I mean, someone [?]). Since I started posting articles in this blog, I have already this friend who write reviews (movies and books), write her own stories, make opinions about the society and any other stuffs related to literary writing (she's a literature student :X and I admire her so much). And most of the words she use are unbearable of my ingenious mind. Reading her works inspires me. Do I need to name her in this post? No? Or let me hid her in the name of Rhea. :)

She's that good in this foreign language in that early age which made me feel that I have no right to write something like this. :( That made me wonder. Was that the school she went in her high school, or just her passion and enthusiast in reading books and other literature? Blame myself for being a procrastinate! Well I guess, I need to start reading books and watching foreign movies.

I guess, that's all for tonight.

Saturday, August 18

Happy Leaf Milk Tea at SM Batangas

Posted on August 19, 2012, 9:24am

I am craving for milk tea all the time. I'll grab a glass of Nai Cha from Chowking or just dream about Assam of Cha Dao Milk Tea at Lipa. But wait! Here's the good thing! :D There were 2 stores at SM Batangas who sell milk teas! :) Actually, I don't need to go to malls just for milk teas, I can make one on my own, but I don't know where will I get those tapioka pearls as sinkers.

So here's Happy Leaf! Perfect matched with Pizza :P

Happy Leaf Milk Tea

This is my favorite part. The Doodle Wall! :D Love the dancing leaf!

Will definitely try every single flavor of Happy Leaf! :D

Ground Floor SM City Batangas
Pallocan West, Batangas City

Photo a Day: 12-16

Posted on August 18, 2012, 9:36pm

Heyah bloggers! Our monitor collapsed last last last night, it's like a long time ago cause I don't have any idea when did I last used it for blogging. I miss photoshop! Haha! it's like I can't live without it. But most of the computers on internet cafes have PS. :) Still, it's more convinient to use our own.
So to update my photo challenge numbers 12-16, which means 've been absent for almost a week already.


We have this large wooden spoon in our kitchen, sorry if I have to shot it lying on our floor. :P It's from Baguio, perhaps, just like your wooden pair of spoon and fork in your kitchen, yea, most of the houses I've visited have this. It doesn't mean any supertitions. My Mom just love it hanging together with its partner, the awesome fork. :)


That's how me and my sister Ynna went out for a date. We just dress the way we want and the way we should be. Simple. The picture? We're inside a cubile in a fitting room section. :P


I miss doodle-ing, incase there's that word in the dictionary. I finished it already and turn the page totally messy. Apologize for the subject I used, its for my photo a day! :P


After computing all of my expenses, from home to school, I have finalized all of my money for the next week's plans. Me and my sissy need to be thrifty for the spa, movie and food trip. Wew! Its really fun having a date with her! :) So now, we're READY!


Obviously, this is Pancit Gisado of MGM Kitchenette, one of my favorite lomi house in town! I ate this all alone. So pitty me. :(

Will update more later. :P

Wednesday, August 15

Calda Pizza; Home of the Biggest Pizza in Town at Lipa City

Posted on August 13, 2012, 11:14am

Sorry for not blogging lately lovies.

The time we went to Lipa last Saturday, we decided to visit Calda Pizza, near La Salle Lipa. It is situated inside a subdivision, if I'm not mistaken. They have 20" pizza for only Php395, well, that's really affordable, perfect for 5-7 persons.

What we ordered was this 20" Calda Pizza, one of their besr seller.

Calda Pizza, Biggest
This is how their 36" pizza looks like. See how big it is.
Almost half of us!

For the price, only Php610 for almost 3 meals for Me and Reren. :P

We will surely come back to Calda Pizza to try the biggest one. :) I'm already excited.

Friday, August 10

Photo a Day: RING

Posted on August 10, 2012, 10:29pm

It's my Mom's wedding ring. She gave me that when I was thirteen. I guess. I can hardly remember when was that, all I know is, its a long long time ago. Everyone who sees it, me wearing it, exclaims that I'm already married. Well, that's a good thing. :) People will not ask for my name and number cause they thought I'm married and not interested. :P

Thursday, August 9

MajFags X Myxilog Giveaway

MajFags (shorten for Major Major Foam Tags) is a box full of handmade tags for bags, doors and other personal items.

Their products are made from quality foam sheets and durable materials to satisfy customers needs.

FAGS or Foam Tags are perfect for outdoor and indoor.
Notebooks and Books
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So MajFags teamed up with me and giving away this prizes to one of my awesome readers.

1. Fancy Black-laced Necklace with Pink Flower Pendant.
2. Pen of your choice. (Dotted or Strawberry)
3. Hair Bun
4. Cute Kawaii Korean Cat-in-Coffee Post it.
5. Vintage Braided Bangle Bracelet (Adjustable)
6. Two (2) personalized tags from MajFags.

How to win? Just follow this simple mechanics to be able to enter the giveaway.

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Easy right? :)

This giveaway will run from August 10 to September 10, 2012 (Monday). Winner will be chosen via and will contacted via email, and an allotted fourty-eight hours (2 days) to respond, at which point a new winner will be chosen. This is OPEN TO PHILLIPINE residents only.

Photo a Day: MESSY

Posted on August 9, 2012, 11:30pm

ChocoBanana made by me.

This afternoon, I decided to make merienda for me and myself since I didn't went to school, and I procrastinate instead. To kill the time, I made myself busy with this fried banana with melted chocolate on top. After frying, I melted the chocolate in a double boiler, but the chocolate didn't melted the way I want it to be. It turned into an oily solid chocolates which only kids will try to dispose. See how messy my work is?

The image below is made by Kuya. Look very nice and tempting, unlike mine. :/

By Kuya

Wish Upon a Star

Posted on August 9, 2012, 4:29pm

Every month, I make sure to update my wishlist even I haven't purchased the stuffs indicated there in the allotted time. I just love making wishlists, that's why. :P So for the month of August, I wanna try every single food chains and restaurants in Batangas City, including some in Lipa. So here's my 'this month's list'.

I wanna eat at Yellow Cab, Starbucks and Red Ribbon too. And this pastries look so yummy! But I will not spend too much just for a slice of this chocolate cake, it's too expensive. T.T

Starbucks Philippines' Newest Featured Food
Image from: HERE

Wednesday, August 8

Photo a Day: Glasses

Posted on August 9, 2012, 9:36am

Obviously, that's me. Supposing that the sun is shining so bright so I had Mom's Aviator Glasses with me. How I really wish I could wear sunnies on rainy days. LOL!

Photo a Day: 8 O'CLOCK

Posted on August 8, 2012, 10:55pm

Meet my phone and Domo case

Me and my classmates/groupmates always meet at 8 in the morning. It is either we're going to Lipa for the feasibility study.

Dun ako sa tabi ng highway palagi nag-aabang sa dadaan na kotseng pula. We have a contract na dapat, everybody must come in time, if not, they'll need to prepare breakfast for 5. That's how clever I was. :P

Monday, August 6

Photo a Day: WRITING

Posted on August 7, 2012, 10:15am

Handwriting Meme

I don't have a good penmanship but I'm proud it's readable. That's the important thing.

PS. We don;t have classes today so I enjoyed playing with Google Doodle :D


Sunday, August 5

Shabu Shabu Express

Posted on August 5, 2012, 9:31pm

Last time, when me and my sister went to Lipa to have her new pair of shoes, you can read my post here, we saw a familiar stand inside the mall and became curious about what they sell.

I am fond of Korean foods, and when I got hooked with something, I'll try my best to have them and give them a try.

Shabu Shabu express sells different kinds of cute Korean foods on stick. Here's Kung Fu Panda for my sister.

My forever food model, my sister.

Their products (fish cakes in different shapes and sizes) are served in cups and it depends on you if you wanna add soup or not. Soup has additional fee.

SM City Lipa
2nd Floor Food Court
Ayala Highway, Lipa City, Batangas


Posted on August 5, 2012, 9:10pm

Sorry for a late post sweets. I'm done validating the entries, so stay tune. :) So for my photo a day challenge entry for yesterday, I have here a photo of food court inside the newly opened supermarket in Batangas City which is Puregold Batangas. Last time in my vacant period, I found myself alone inside the mall, waiting for nothing, listening to the noise of every shoppers around the facility. I miss dating myself alone, something like this made me think of the stuffs I need to do and meditate the thinks I did for the past days. Well that's me, sometimes, I really want to be alone, to be with me, myself and I.

Friday, August 3

Photo a Day: COIN

Posted on August 3, 2012, 6:35pm

I got a snail mail/letter last February from a foreign blogger friend who lives in Singapore. She sent the letter with (1) one Singaporean dollar as a gift. I miss receiving surprises like this, and keeping them immortally. :)

Cha Dao Tea Place at Lipa City

Second time of our visit to Lipa, we had our interview with the government employees regarding the total number of residents, ratio of female to male, number of private and public schools and the list of existing travel agencies which shocked us because we're expecting only 4 competitors within the city.

My seatmates at the backseat :)

Mr. Bon, from the office of City Planning and Development, handed us the list we needed.

Before heading our way home, I asked my classmate to stop by this Milk Tea shop in front of La Salle Lipa. This is my first try ever, yes, I haven't tried any milk tea except Naicha of Chowking. It's just a small room perfect to a group of 6. They have chairs and tables for those who want to spend their time sipping their choice of milk tea.

List of their products. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE.
I tried their best seller called Assam.

Half way! This means I want moooreee! :)
This is my favorite part! :)
I left a footprint at Cha Dao Tea Place Lipa :) Find it if you can!