Wednesday, January 23

Yabu; The House of Katsu at SM Megamall

Mom, sister and I decided to have our lunch at Yabu SM Megemall branch since we have the gift check already. It's not afar from the entrance, Yabu is located at the mall's atrium.

We were very glad when we arrived there cause the staffs are very nice and accommodating especially Mr. Mon, the manager who personally looked for a seat for us three. He introduced our waitstaff for that time and they lend us the menu. There were a lot of delicious dishes on the menu which took us too much time to choose. And after an hour, we finally decided to have their best seller dishes. Cold wet towels were served first, they're used for sanitation before and after eating.

Before the foods were served, we did this Kasu ritual.

Now, my sauce is ready. :D

The special condiments.

Hot tea and Miso soup.

The appetizers, Wakame and Potato and Egg salad.

Here goes Mom's and sister's lunch!

Mixed Katsu Set; Hire, Black Tiger Prawn, Cream Dory, Scallop, Eggplant and Pepper and Menchi with Cheese Katsu

Every dish has side dishes which include fresh shredded cabbage, bowl of fruits, cucumber and radish.

What's mine? TADA! Hire Special Katsudon.

What's next are just some of the photos of me, Mom and sister before, during and after eating! PHOTO SPAM! XD

We spent every single GC and everything's worth it! We were able to bought 2 extra sets for Tatay (Dad) and Kuya (older brother) too.

Here's a two thumbs up for Yabu!

Mr. Mon told us that we were lucky that time cause they don't have that much customers, but the restaurant was totally packed. Then I concluded, just in my mind, how much more if they got a lot of guests? :O

Yabu The House of Katsu
2/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall,
Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City


  1. I'm really hungy right now and then I saw this post. HAHAHA.
    Looks like those foods are so *yumm!* Goodthing you have a gift check for that ^^,

    RE: About my post, we already fixed it. T~T I know he will never do that to me again..
    Thanks for you comment. :)

  2. OMGGGG!! the food looks so yummy! and.. can i say that u are so pretty, ur sis too. and ur mom. hehehehe...

  3. @all, they doesn't only look yummy! they really do! :D