Wednesday, July 27

It's Been a YEAR!

Hi guys! I hope you've been good.

For everyone's information, me and my boyfriend just celebrated our first year anniversary. And I can't think of something to give to him. Then I realized of giving my time and effort. Why not? Right?

I worked on my gift for almost a week of sleepless nights, and I am pretty happy with the result.

Too see it, please watch the video below.


Tuesday, July 26

Things I Would Like To Do Before The Busy Months

Since I'll be busy the next months, I am considering revamping my page. I only had this layie for months after the Europe trip but it seems like it is not the one for me. Neat, minimal, that's what I like about it, but for sure, there's still something I would like to explore.

Few of the themes I used before were kept in my treasure box which was buried 18 feet below the grown. Simply means, I don't have them anymore! LOL.

So, I am thinking of the right theme for the right aura, and the right color for the right style that I'll be using. Phew! That sounds difficult ha.

And also, I am thinking of making a channel on Youtube that will bring about my travel diaries. Simply, video blog. Though I don't have a nice gadget with me yet, I guess my phone will still serve me well. I do own an HTC One m8 and I find that it has a pretty awesome camera. (On my other tab, I am playing songs on hit this month, but not my types actually, oh no, why am I being so difficult on things now?) But I got a problem which I thought just now. I DON'T HAVE AN EDITING SOFTWARE. My bad.

Next next month, I will be in Boracay to study. Yeps, I'll be there for a week. And I'm excited!

So I think I will start creating my theme na. See you guys again next time! I hope with an interesting post of maybe, with a no nonsense article. Doie!

Monday, July 25

Making Online Job A Living

Many of the people I know make online job as their living. Yes, just simply staying at home and facing their gadgets give them money in which they do not need to go to the office and so because the money they earn, it suffice.

Last year, I submitted my resignation from my very first job and now, I don't have a stable money generating job. I use to bake loaves, mentioned on my previous posts, and create arts and crafts. But that wasn't good enough to sustain my needs. Also, I have advertisements on my blog but the incoming pay is very slow (like years!).

Before, I was an avid fan of Bubblews (you may heard of it) which pays wonky percent of what you actually earn. It is somehow like Hubpages. I haven't tried this one. It is the same they say. So, there;s this Filipina woman whom I talked to, asking if she can relay to me some information about the site.

So after being fed up, I decided to start being a tutor teacher to children. I passed a resume this afternoon, hired and expected to work on Monday immediately. And since I haven't signed any contract yet, I am still thinking of grabbing it or not. I know some people who do private tutorial and earn Php3K a month from one student. In the company I applied (which I will not name drop), they offered me Php800-Php850 per student, and that's for a month salary. Yes, I will learn to handle children (don't have any experience yet) but that will be tiring, I assume. I was told that the working hours will be from 2pm to 6pm and that will be everyday. Just imagine how tiring it will be if I will have 3 students.Will I not be skeptical? I think I have the right to be one.

On the first week of September, I will be away to attend a five-day school in Boracay. And I am thinking that it'll be a conflict with the company. I keep on praying to have a rightfully inclined mind and heart, in which will tell me whether to take it or not.

Last week, I was informed that there's someone looking for a teacher and I was so happy hearing that they just live near the vicinity. But circumstances changed to what I didn't hoped for.

It is difficult and stressful this situation for me. There's a lot of things to consider.

If you know something that can help me online, please let me know, leave in the comment box and don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you very much! xxx

Friday, July 22

MajFags is Back on Track!

Hallo allemal! I hope you are all doing well, just like me! (Except from the fact that I am suffering from muscle pain and mouth sore. Oh yeah, that's what you get when you started working out after years of not doing so, and I also had my brace's adjustment just few hours ago.)

So to continue with all that matters, I started reopening this business again. I already did opened so many, just seems nothing works out as time pass. Urgh, I hate myself from doing so, I mean, pausing things out. Grr.

Anyways, I'm creating tags, and also fridge magnets using foam.

These are orders I got the past weeks. I hope other's will have time to consider ordering some. They said that my products are cool, and useful. I hope so. Hihi.

Also, I am considering selling them nationwide, if in case anyone is interested.

So, if you are, please don't hesitate to drop a comment or reach me through Instagram -> @ladymyx.

Have a great day everyone!