Thursday, August 31

Tengoku Ramen House at Cuenca, Batangas

The past week was a roller coaster weather (rain, thunderstorm, rain), at least that's what we've experienced in Southern Luzon. And that being said, it is always nice to treat oneself a bowl of hot and flavorful ramen.

If you live within the area of Lipa or Cuenca, you've probably have heard about this Ramen House in the vicinity. It also keep on flashing through my feed on Facebook, perfect timing to post one on my blog. Hihi.

On our engagement, you'll probably remember that we visited an ancestral camera gallery in Taal, Batangas. After the event, we found ourselves heading to this hidden Japanese gem for our early dinner.

The place was spacious enough to accommodate a full house van of nine persons and even more. It is called Tengoku Ramen House.

Tuesday, August 22

Liquid Nitrogen Experience at Pop Cafe by Kettle Korn, SM Fairview

I can't remember exactly though, but I know it was already a long time ago (like 2 months) when we tried having something which is played around with Science. It is a hit for quite some time now.

Who wouldn't want to try an ice cream made in instant with the use of liquid nitrogen? Or a popcorn that smokes like so? Aren't we all gonna say that we want to try them out?

I am not a fan of having something extraordinaire just because I am curious. It should always have a guarantee that this specific thing will not harm or damage my health, and my being, like those kinds of stuff I know that wouldn't hurt, the natural ice cream made out of rose petals that I tried in Paris or the charcoal bun for burgers in Malaysia.