Saturday, December 21

Taiwanese Traditional Breakfast At Fu Hang Soy Milk Restaurant

We were delighted to know when we booked our flight ticket to The Netherlands that our stopover would be in Taiwan. Again, another dream destination of us, as a married couple to visit one on our convenient days. Before coming back to our home in The Philippines, a mini vacation there would be awesome!

To learn the country is to try their traditional offerings. And that is exactly what we did! How we love to explore new food and cuisine! Here are some Taiwanese meals we had on our second day in Taipei.

As early as five in the morning, we started our day with some 10 minutes walk in the very calm area of Taipei. It was such a surprise for us because since Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, it stays so pleasant and quiet.

Anyhow, we finally reached our destination. The night before, we made sure to look for a place where we can have a good taste of the island. Then we found Fu Hang Dou Jiang (Fuhang Soy Milk), a food court located along the street of Zhongxaio.

You tiao in-the-making (fried cruller/churros/dough/breadstick)

Surprisingly, despite the long queue of hungry souls even falling in line from the first floor of the building, it moved pretty quick. That always reminds me how these people work so fast and efficient. Everyday, there are freshly made meals for everyone.

Shāo bǐng (baked sesame flat bread)

There are actually a good bunch of choices but we only had a few. Let's start, shall we?

First from our tray is this salty and savory hot soy milk (Xián dòu jiāng) served with fresh cilantro and bits of their fried breadstick (you tiao). It is curdled with a hint of vinegar on it. Somewhat reminds me of eating taho (Filipino soy curd) but with soy sauce and herbs.

We also had the plain hot sweet soy milk soup (Tián dòu jiāng). It was yummy, I love soy milk.

Here's my favorite among all, their stuffed sticky rice ball (Fàn tuán). What's inside? It is filled with a generous amount of pork floss (makes it salty), you tiao (fried breadstick) and pickles.

The rice outside is perfectly al dente (love the small chubby shape of the sticky rice, made it more enjoyable to eat). The floss made a good salty viand to the rice. The fried breadstick, on the other hand, gave a nice crunch into the roll. Love it, as in!

This thing alone is already so filling, but yeah, how can we be a foodie if we will not try everything?

Lastly, we had this sesame flat bread with egg and breadstick (Shāo bǐng yóu tiáo jī dàn). It is soft outside, crunchy and salty inside.

We enjoyed having these dishes while being camouflaged with a lot of Taiwanese inside the food court. Every one just had the same thing as what we had, suddenly, we felt that we belong. It was a very nice experience. So if ever you'll visit Taipei soon, do not forget to wake up early in the morning and try their Taiwanese breakfast at Fu Hang Soy Milk Restaurant.