Monday, October 25

Send More Snail Mails!

I so love crafting. It is definitely one of my favorite hobbies aside from cooking, baking and watching movies. Coming to The Netherlands just opened up another way for me to express my creativity.

To my surprise, the postal services here in the west still work like magic. Stamps are still saleable and there are a lot of things it has been used for aside from letters and all these things. So what exactly am I talking about? I am so consumed with making happy mails and sending letters. If ever you want more information about it, here are a few FAQs (frequently asked questions) about snail mail or pen paling.

What is happy mail?
πŸ’•For me, it is any mail that makes one happy (can be a card, letter, crafting stuff)

Do you like when things such as mail tags or a list of questions are included?
πŸ’• It’s easier to reply to a mail or letter with questions so you don’t need to think of things to open up to your penpal friend

How long is your average letter?
πŸ’• Mine is always a back-to-back sheet of paper. Well, it actually depends. I have a friend in Canada and I also write to small pieces of paper some music I listen to, my favorite scripture of the week, etc

What kind of gifts or extras do you like to include, if any?
πŸ’• I always include different types of paper, and washi tapes as well. Just to fill up the 20g or 100g so it depends. Sometimes, I also include a bag of tea or an instant coffee mix. Last time, I sent a mail with a matcha powder mix inside the mail to Belgium.

Is it possible to ask your pen pal too many questions?
πŸ’• You will know that once you receive a letter from them, it will tell you if they are open or not

Do you prefer decorating your own letters or keeping them simple?
πŸ’• I always decorate mine cause it is very therapeutic. Nothing leaves my table not colored or just plain simple. But then again, it all depends on the person if they want to just write or be creative.

So there you have it. 

Actually, when I learned about snail mailing while living in the west, I also learned that they also still do that in my home country, The Philippines. I wish I could have started while I was there. I definitely love making cards and writing letters.

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