Wednesday, July 28

My Blogging Thing

I'm really addicted in blogging right now. I always wanna decorate and beautify my blogs and I don't even care if I'm earning or not.

I am so bored before for I didn't find blogging that interesting. Its just a site full of unnecessary things normal people will never look at, and have made myself believe that blogging is just a waste of time.

Yet for now, I have proven myself wrong. Even though I'm wasting time for this, I'm still earning both dollar and peso.

Blogs are now my online friend, my online diary which was everyone is free to look at.

I have joined a contest and I have won a dot com domain which can only be purchase in web hosting sites for $10, i guess. :P  See? I don't have to bring out my credit card (assuming) just to buy one. :)

So for now, I can say that I am a certified blog addict. Will I abandon my facebook, friendster, etc etc etc? XP

Here's my proof that people can earn money from blogs. :)

Edited: 11/25/10: I don't have FACEBOOK ANYMORE! TAHAHA!

Tuesday, July 27

Yellow and Green

Hello! I'm just wondering why I'm so excited to post in this blog. :P I really love this template! Thanks a lot DANCING SHEEP. :)

Well, this morning, I visited my friends from Banaba Center, not that far from here, (my weekly routine). That family and friend of mine were so close to me because of many things. I love them and I know they love me, too.

We chat and talked about so many things and it spent a lot of time. After some hours, I'm on my way to go outside their house when they called me for a simple gift. Not in my expectation, I have received a cute and small pineapple. When I arrived home, we pealed it off and shared it with my family.

Here's the pealed and sliced pineapple. I planted the inedible portion for souvenir.

Saturday, July 24

Bring Me Home

Second post in my very cute and naughty blog. :) I'm so excited to post in here every time I open our computer. Yet, because of some restrictions, I'm now here in an internet cafe just to open and post random stuffs about me and my precious life.

I really love lasagna :) and I really want to go home right now.

We have a laptop and a desktop, yet I can't use it. ><

What's their functions?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB! Fine! I'm going home!

First Post (MCDONALDS Batangas) [7.21.10 3pm]

I just have finished eating lunch. Yaps! Heard it right! I have eaten my super late lunch! Where? In the newly opened Mcdonald branch at P. Burgos Street Batangas. Just opened yesterday at the middle of the rain :) . I had dropped by here but because of my excitement, I have forgotten to bring my camera. (No! That isn't DSLR, currently dreaming of one) I didn't took some pictures of it with fab flowers on the door and some red and yellow ballons. And yes! For now, I'm not really late. I have shot some. I really like its ambiance because it's so kid and student friendly.

Here are some factors I have noticed while I'm on my lunch and with my eyes drolling with every bite.

✔ party place
✔ two exits
✔ hall ways
✔ couch
✔ wash area
✔ locker for employees
✔ super cute decorations
✔ parking
✔ nice comfort rooms
✔ nice lightings
✔ unique though
✔ student friendly
?   wifi zone

I have written this inside the Newly opened Mcdonald branch. All i can say is...
"Love ko 'to"

Thursday, July 22

I Smell Something Fishy!

Haha! Actually, that isn't fish...It's the onion, garlic, onion spring and the like. Well, I guess I didn't washed my hands right. Haha! That's insane! My fault! XP

Nothing more to tell you for now guys :)

Im currently reading...

Wednesday, July 21

I Can't Add a Comment Box

I took a lot of time reading some articles regarding adding comment box in blogs if using classic template and I was so disappointed that any codes aren't working. I can even count my sweat drops as I browse every single page in their blogs. This is what comes out every time I paste some codes.
Here's the codes;

I was so thankful because they have shared this stuffs, yet I was disappointed that it didn't work in my blog. ><

Tuesday, July 20

I ♥ my New Tamplate

This was my first post using this new template and I don't know why I'm giggling right now. Smiley I really heart this page. And for now, I'm ready to fill this page with some no-nonsense agenda of a teenage girl with a conscious mind. Smiley So enjoy browsing my page. Have a nice day! Smiley

Special thanks to electropop for sharing this template.

Wednesday, July 14

Sweet Page For Teens

I have to share this with you because this totally knocked my curiosity. Its just a typical page with so many stuffs on it. You can upload a lot of pics and you can ask for help. Too much post in the forums and they have chat box too. It was called "Best-est" Friend Online of every Filipina.

You already have a clue? Yaps! Its CandyMag's Site!

Nothing much on the description, just check it out! Smiley Just click on the pic!

Thursday, July 8

My Part-time Job

I am on my blogging thing this afternoon, about 4:00pm when someone called on our telephone. It was ____ who wants me to help her in her work. I'm about to draw random photos in a Manila paper and I really don't want to do that because I love writing than drawing kids' stuffs. I can't really say no because I can earn money from it. But what I'm thinking of, is that she's not a good business chum in term of dealings. Haha! Just try to understand, I really don't know how to express it. Smiley By the way, I have accepted her offer cause I have nothing to do with it. I don't wanna waste my time just for Facebook. I went in there house after her call, and I was so hungry that time. Smiley I don't have any options but to draw. Smiley Time passed away... I have finished all the stuffs. hayst! So tiring. Guess how much I've got for 3 hours. Smiley Just $2.22.. It's alright. I just love helping other people. LOL. Emoticon