Monday, December 31

Starbucks Planner 2013 Philippine Edition

I am not a coffeeholic but I spent some time trying new flavours of coffee from time to time. I might say I'm a tea lover/holic/drinker rather than any beverages. But then I love writing on planners, doodling/drawing/sketching plans, sketches and some other stuffs. Yearly, I've been so envious to those who got their planners, whichever its brand was, cause I haven't had an A4 planner before.

But now I had touched this 2013 Starbucks planner right between my two hands , I'll never let it go until I got it blogged for my first day of the year.

Still with a hardbound semi-glossy cover, it's more classy and plain. Looks so pro isn't it?

It comes with this cute magnet bookmark in the shape of SB paper cup.

To comply with this quote seen inside the planner, it got postcard and notes to connect with your loved ones too.

Love its magnet lock!

Not just ordinary planners with plain horizontal lines, it goes with quotations that will at least remind you of what you have to do for other's sake.

So say byebye with your old ones and hello to this new organizer!

Got freebies like complimentary upsize and more!

Sunday, November 18

Hiatus for almost 2 months

Thanks every one for your comments and visits. I miss all of you as much as I miss blogging. I have a lot of queue posts but I guess I need to polish everything before posting one. I've got a lot of experiences at my boarding house and some were unforgettable. My training place is a WOW too. If you're too curious about that place, visit it here. It is a private residential and golf club, restaurants, spa and lodge establishment situated at 400+ hectares of land along the lake of Taal and Mountain of Makiling. Sorry for not having photos of me cause it is prohibited inside the company.

I promise to post something informative once I got back. Take care everyone :D

Wednesday, November 7

Ann's Home of Cakes and Pastries; Butterscotch Squares

Aside from eating and net surfing, capturing stunning formation of clouds is now one of my fave hobby. And those awesome bloggers from other Asian countries inspired me to do so.

In the photo below, I can see a girl lying in bed, (wafting) having her favorite yogurt night mask which she just has bought from the near boutique the day after yesterday. On the other side, there's an italic letter A, H and I.


Then after purchasing some necessities, when my sister, Domo and I staggered to our feet, we tried Ann's Butterscotch squares. Ann's Home of Cakes and Pastries has two stores in Batangas, one in Bolbok, beside Batangas Sports Complex, and a small stall in front of Badminton Studio at D. Silang Street.

Domo likes Ann's pastries! And he doesn't wanna share. Hmmm. After this sweet dessert, we had a sip of Milkis, a Korean carbonated drink and just plopped like Domo.

And this is me, exhausted.

I'll be out tomorrow, will living my independent life beginning Saturday. Woah! I'm kinda wobbly. *huff* 

Tuesday, November 6

Fenling Bamboo Brush Review

Buenas targes amigos and amigas! As listed on my October Wishlist, I wanted to have a Make Up Brush Collection Set even I'm not a make up enthusiast due to my skin's hypersensitivity disorder, it just look so girly (hehe). But despite of the fact that I'm not really into make ups, I spent bucks for this Fenling bamboo powder brush.

It doesn't actually cost like Elf's and other branded cosmetic tools but it doesn't look cheap, perfect for dusting off excess, still has the same quality as the others. Yet, I haven't tried it on blending blushes. Fenling's Bamboo brushes are sometimes compared to ECOTOOLS (better than Fenling ofcourse) because brushes' softnes is almost same. It is one of the best cheap brushes, they say.

See, it fits perfectly with my other make up brushes and tools.

Sunday, November 4

Stalking All Day

It is a crime, but if you'll do it with caution to cute little creatures or awesome stuffs, I guess that's not bad at all. Hihi. I did it with the sun this morning. Thanks for the perfect weather this day. I've waited for an hour until it showed up. It's been dilly-dallying the whole time. But still, I'm thankful it took that long before it came up, cause if not, I'm not able to have this wonderful cloud shot. Don't have to elaborate the whole thing.

Still hiding.

Hola sun! There you are!

One more thing (?) I love to stalk was my cute little cousin named Ressiah.

On our way to someone else's place, Ressiah's been soberly staring outside his father's jeepney (referring to the first photo). And what's vague about her is I don't really know if she's already daydreaming cause after a few minutes, she fell asleep. I found her conspicuously unconscious so I took the second photo, and then pinched her chubby and healthy cheeks, kissed her and played with her pony-tailed hair. And then the story ends here. LOL.

And I'm happy that my hyperactive HUNSTER SUSAN is back to blogging! It's been a while since the last time we talked this much.

Friday, November 2

My Top 6's Pixlr-o-matic Effects

Some of my photographs before were edited online at, and since the site closed cause Google bought it, just rumors, I haven't seen the news myself, I am now concentrating on Photoshop which I did enjoyed playing with. Nothing beats Photoshop I know, there were numerous actions and effects you can download online, especially in Devianart, that might enhance your photos in no time.

But if you're tired of using Photoshop, if ever, you can come across Pixlr's Editors (Express, Editor and Pixlr-o-matic), the most convenient online editor ever. Pixlr-o-matic is also available as a download, on Facebook, as an Chrome web app and for your iOS or Android device.

You can edit a photo right from your cam or from your computer.

And if you wanna try their awesome effects+frames, you can choose from their photo selections.

I tried some of the vintage effects and this are what came out. For my first batch, I used my sister's sneaker shoes as my subject.


I highly recommend these cool vintage and retro effects. Photos from left to right.
  • Bob - make your photo look pale but still retain its original color.
  • Hagrid - HDR effect.
  • Josh - light vintage effect
  • Melissa - vintage effect plus blur
  • Salomon - light bluish vintage effect 
  • Sun - light yellowish vintage effect
For my second batch, my favorite choco butternut doughnut from Mister Donut.


So that's it! Which of these effects appeal to you the most?

PS. My grandpa is selling his Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis. If you're interested, don't hesitate to leave a comment here or at my chatbox, so we can do some negotiations.