Tuesday, January 29

MWF's Travel Partition Bag

Next to food tripping, travelling is one of the best things I wanna do to prevent myself from procrastinating. But in some sort of consequences, I almost forgot everything I need when we're going on a trip like tooth brush, shampoo, and other personal hygiene stuffs. So Mom decided to buy me this awesome organizer bag from LittleEmily of Multiply. Ti's our second purchase with LittleEmily and yes, they didn't failed us.

So here's our package sealed with a lot of LBC tapes.

They have 4 (pink, blue, gray and violet) MWF bag colors yet we got blue, violet and gray cause Mom knew my taste when it comes to bags and others. I'm not a girly girl who always want to have a pink something like this and that. Blue is my favorite!

I'm loving my gray travel bag with an iPod shuffle design.

It includes 2 mesh partitions and another small purse, a hook on top and durable zippers.

There were various sites in the internet that sell the same partition bag, but Emily's shop has the cheapest!

Link here: http://littleemilyshop.multiply.com/products/listing/11433/MWF-Travel-Partition-PLUS

Addition to that, I bought other stuffs like these too! An iPhone4 notepad, a cute diamond rose earrings and a necklace with LOVE pendant.

Monday, January 28

Chichiban's Etude House Giveaway

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Saturday, January 26

Dairy Queen Blizzard

Hi guys! Are you an ice cream lover? Have you tried Dairy Queen's ice creams? If not, you're missing a life. LOL. But for me, all honestly, they have the thickest and creamiest dairies! Here are Chocolate Chip, Brownie Temptation and Rocky Road! Mom loves them so much.

Plus, if it’s not served upside down, it’s free!

Next time, I'll try their Dilly bar! Go try one to see that I'm not kidding. :)

Wednesday, January 23

Yabu; The House of Katsu at SM Megamall

Mom, sister and I decided to have our lunch at Yabu SM Megemall branch since we have the gift check already. It's not afar from the entrance, Yabu is located at the mall's atrium.

We were very glad when we arrived there cause the staffs are very nice and accommodating especially Mr. Mon, the manager who personally looked for a seat for us three. He introduced our waitstaff for that time and they lend us the menu. There were a lot of delicious dishes on the menu which took us too much time to choose. And after an hour, we finally decided to have their best seller dishes. Cold wet towels were served first, they're used for sanitation before and after eating.

Before the foods were served, we did this Kasu ritual.

Now, my sauce is ready. :D

The special condiments.

Hot tea and Miso soup.

The appetizers, Wakame and Potato and Egg salad.

Here goes Mom's and sister's lunch!

Mixed Katsu Set; Hire, Black Tiger Prawn, Cream Dory, Scallop, Eggplant and Pepper and Menchi with Cheese Katsu

Every dish has side dishes which include fresh shredded cabbage, bowl of fruits, cucumber and radish.

What's mine? TADA! Hire Special Katsudon.

What's next are just some of the photos of me, Mom and sister before, during and after eating! PHOTO SPAM! XD

We spent every single GC and everything's worth it! We were able to bought 2 extra sets for Tatay (Dad) and Kuya (older brother) too.

Here's a two thumbs up for Yabu!

Mr. Mon told us that we were lucky that time cause they don't have that much customers, but the restaurant was totally packed. Then I concluded, just in my mind, how much more if they got a lot of guests? :O

Yabu The House of Katsu
2/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall,
Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City

Saturday, January 19

Our visit at Bubble Tapioca Specialist Inc. in QC

By this point of time, our Feasibility Study is moving forward. Each member decided to take the guts of  testing our milk tea products at home. Well, we'll be doing that tomorrow to know if our product is good enough to be sold. I am not going to elaborate the product we have, but just think of this booming trend of milk teas in the country is already one of the hints.

Reren and I went all the way to Quezon City to buy some stuffs we need. Thanks to Google Map and we arrived safely on where we're going. Maps are really helpful and I'm printing maps every time I'll go somewhere.

BUBBLE TAPIOCA SPECIALIST INC. is your one stop shop for bubble tea product requirements. They supply black sago, nata crystals, milk creamers, popping bobbas, kanten jelly, konjac jelly, coconut jelly, black tea, black sugar, fructose syrup, wintermelon syrup, fruit juices, paper cups, pp cups, paper bowls, sealer films, sealing machines and other machinery for your bubble tea store needs at very reasonable prices.
They also manufacture their own quality black tapioca pearls to ensure the customers to get just the right hint of sweetness and chewy consistency that bubble tea drinkers love. Their black tapioca pearls are 100% borax free and vacuum-packed to maintain utmost product quality.

Here are the photos of the showroom they have in Quezon City near SM North Edsa. It's not just only the pearl milk tea equipment but also frying, heating, etc.

They got everything you need if you're planning to open up a business, a store or a stall inside the mall. A lot of sinkers for milk teas and syrups for fresh fruit teas, customized plastic and paper cups, jugs and shakers, even the customized sealing films for cups.

Reren being so ecstatic about having our free konjac jellies and natas. Plus, the staffs are very approachable and friendly. :)

Then we had our lunch at the nearest SM Mall.

Reren with her Flavor shots meal from KFC and mine is a plateful Bibimbop, the Korean Mixed Rice I trice had at SM Baguio last May 2012.

We are now ready! I don't have any photos of me cause Reren was too lazy to took some for me. Huhu.

To know more about the products they cater, visit the links below.

SITE: http://www.bubbletspecialist.com/

SULIT: http://bubbletapioca.sulit.com.ph/