Wednesday, November 11

The Yard; Burgers and Sausages

It's been a while, yeah, it's really been a while since I really had some time visiting some burger shops. The last time was when we had dinner at Burger King Lipa after the meeting, and that was just simply awesome. Sorry, I don't want to turn my blog into a love story blog so I'll not entertain the idea of writing about it, though, I will always want to write everything down so I can read and read and read and cherish it repeatedly. Hihi.

Anyways, last time we planned going to Lipa, it was screwed up by the rain, for it rained the whole day. Woohoo. And then yesterday, I got no plans (really!). Since I'm out of the house already and my sister was really itching to get something for herself, I think I don't have a choice but to be a stage-sister as they call. Hihi.

Anyways (for the last time, cause I'll now focus on the verdict), the latest shop I went was The Yard. I've seen it before at Instagram (that's the fastest source I have for new shops) and that was monthsssssss ago already.

So, this is the "The Yard", as in Backyard. Well, I really like how it turned out. The backyard into a burger and sausage hub. Cooool! (I can hear ears flapping!)

Wednesday, October 21

Sounds Like Giving Up (in a good way)

To be honest, I cannot remember when was the last time I did a revamp on my blog. My version 3.0 style is now left behind other blog template designs. I should really have an update with the layout before the new year jump in.

I think I am the least better (complimenting oneself by not using harsh words, haha) graphic designer in the whole wide world ever. So in a month, I am giving my career up. Yes, read it right, I'll be leaving my job. For me to spend more time for the most important things, I need to adjust everything, especially the time I have for my job and the strength I use for it. I don't say that I'm having difficulties with it, but I am just getting too occupied because of that.

But the sense of "giving up" thing is just about office works and so. Of course I will still use the skills I have to earn a bit more. And that, I can do offline, and online.

I also looked for other job that will fit my needs. It doesn't have to be very time consuming and it is better if I will just stay at home.

When I started learning to be a virtual assistant for a blogger I know, it is not a tight job actually. But I don't like it for the reason of spending time doing nothing around the web. Plus, I wasn't paid. I think I did it as a charity (and I think I didn't even help, hihi).

To set the past (I mean the job and so) aside, I am now working on my application for English teacher. Though honestly I know I am not that good, most especially in speaking, why not try it out? I will not spend a single penny anyways. And for that, here are tons of English teaching sample videos rolling up in my browser. HooHOOO! Yeah! But still, I ended up listening to DUTCH VLOGS (TheKelvlog). Hahaha. But he speaks pretty fast and funny. Just can't tell him "Kan u alstublieft langzamer praten?(Still nothing beats my baby when he reads and speaks with his native tongue, sounds a lovely lullaby for me!)  And until now, for a year (almost!), G sound still sounds very good to my ear (CRAZY ME! JA!). En ik vind het leuk! Weehee!

Boom! HTC just launched their newest phone HTC One A9, which really looks like iPhone 6 in the appearance (look at the back babies!). But I know which's better. *wink*

I'll be going now. Talk again soon! Bye!

*While writing this article, I am still listening to the the vlog of Kelvin. Haha

Thursday, October 8

Bo's Coffee, Nuciti Batangas

Hi girls and gals! I'm back again! Yes, why not! I got time now to write a bit for this blog.

So it's the nearest cafe in our office and we once had our lunch out meeting here with my colleagues. The cafe opened few months ago (brain is getting rusty now) and found out that my college friends are working here.

What I like about this shop is that they got arrays of meals to choose from. For those who love breakfast meals even late in the evening, you can have those here.

Friday, October 2

Let's Talk About Different Subject

HTC One M7

Where do you get gadget updates at the moment? Well, for me, I got Android Authority, been following them on their GG+ and blog for almost years, but since I'm very occupied with lots of things now, I don't have that much time to course around through their site. Actually, that isn't a bad thing. Sometimes, it's better to talk about these kind of geeky things with someone than just to read them all alone with you not really understanding the matter (for that's what happening in my part. LOL).

And since we talk about these kinds of things, boyfriend (yes, he's my number one gadget news source! hihi) told me about the new Sony Xperia Z5 with a 23 MP camera with Hybrid Autofocus (how COOL was that! almost like a digital single-lens reflex camera!), and way better than any other android phones (they say). But it's more sleek and of course comes with lots of features (I don't need to write down everything otherwise this blog will fall into another category). But that's possible in the future, blogging updates and reviews about things, we never know. :)

And also, I found out that after all these awesome android watch and so, there'll be this Wove Band coming out. But the band isn't completed yet, the company (which I do not know what, sorry) is still looking for some people who can develop the band more. And maybe you want to check their site to know more about that, or not, if not.

So, what else? Ahh! There'll also be a Facebook update in the future. Users will be able to change their profile pictures into a quick movie clip! Since I am no longer into Facebook since the beginning of the year, I don't care much about this, but I just want to share. :)

There's a lot of updates going on actually. And there'll be more and more in the future, more than virtual reality and other wearable. I just hope they can invent something that can transport a person from one place to another, without needing any passport or visa. Haha.

About the picture, it is the HTC One M7 I'm so inlove with. ^_^

Tuesday, September 15

Brother John's Coffee, Bauan Batangas (CLOSED)

I do not know if this post will still give justice to the establishment and the food, but I think, as long as the hub is existing, it is still okay to post even a very very late review. Tehee!

The pictures used in this post was actually taken last March 7, 2015, yes, six months ago already. The time when a lot of cafes started popping out like mushrooms within Batangas City, and until now, there still are.

Matcha Green Tea

All honestly, I have already forgotten which frappes did we had. The brown one below doesn't mean anything to me (a Java Chip maybe). The green one on the left, that, I will never forget, for I've been hoarding for that flavor for ages now. A refreshing cup of Matcha Green Tea, if I am not mistaken.

Saturday, September 12

Life Lately

Hallo everyone!

Well yeah, its another month again, and actually, very late of the month already for an introductory greeting. Hihi. No need to apologize, you might say. Cause I am just been blabbering the same old story once in every while. Nothing to blame but myself. Right!

What actually happened to Myx the past months? Been very quiet huh? Nope! I'm active on IG! Yes. The only social network media I operate for myself (need to highlight for myself because I am still managing company's accounts).

Let's begin with March maybe? Well, some things are pretty better left unsaid, right? Haha. Yes, simply because I don't want to tell things. Hmm, not really much last March though. Just been busy with the English pre-group I am supporting, that's all.

April, then this one is a pretty busy month. Was announced as a Regular Pioneer and I got no time for other secular things anymore, including blogging. I've been busy going out to the ministry, and it was the start of the pretty life I have right now. Hashtag, best life ever! Ayeah!

May, June, typical busy months for me. Ministry, work, house, that's pretty all.

July to August, well, these are ones of my favorite months of the year. A lot of time together, preaching together, eating out together, traveling a lot together, and movie dates together!

Heart heart!

And actually, I just got well from a week of very high fever and muscle cramps, good thing, I survived. I was suspected with Dengue fever by my doctor but my parents refrained to admit me in the hospital. My platelet count dropped to 89,000 (with the average of 150-200,000 platelets for normal count). I already have two referral letters, one in Batangas hospitals and the other one is for Manila (I personally would want to be admitted in Manila). This fever lasted for four long days, and that week was sooooo bad. But now, I am very thankful that I have my Mom, Tatay, siblings, bestfriend, boyfriend and friends who helped me and prayed for my fast recovery. Though still can't do stuffs I do before, at least I'm well now.

So maybe, that's it again for today. See yah around fellas!

Wednesday, June 24

Cafe St. Honore at Balagtas, Batangas City

Hey guys! I just finished watching Prison Break Season 1. It has a lot of Episodes that it took me half a month to finish it. Ooops, don't blame me yet dear ones, I only watch the series after work so I only got two hours preferably for entertainment, and I got lots of priorities. Uhum! I can't sleep yet, so I decided to write something for my blog.

If you're from Batangas City, you probably have heard about this month old cafe, and it was last Saturday night when I, my sister and my bestfriend finally had the chance to visit this café. Yes, it is a very cold night since it was raining very hard and we can't do anything but to feel every bits of hunger. So with a very high expectation with the foods they offer, we had the following dishes for dinner.

To start with, they served us these drinks we ordered.

Best friend had a cup of hot Cappuccino for herself. It comes with a mini jar of brown sugar, means; you have the free will to decide how sweet your coffee will be. At first, I asked if they got latte arts because just like other cafés out there, they got pretty designs for the hot drinks, but too bad for me cause they don’t. (It will be my first time to try handcrafted latte with art supposedly.)

Cappuccino (Php50)

Next, my sister's iced drink despite of the cold weather. It does tastes well.

Coffee Crumble Milk Shake (Php80)

My drink doesn't have to be so dramatic that I can take hundred shots out of it. No, this one is just a choice to satisfy my very peculiar coffee craving. Yes, I don't drink coffee. But due to circumstances, I learned to take some shots, in the office, at home, and just wherever I go to. It comes with a cute little jar with glucose syrup in it. I just filled everything in, and it tasted good, just right.

Iced Coffee Black (Php45)

Since this thing carries the establishment's name, it is very compulsory for us to try it. The burger is pretty small, compared to those I got from burger joints out there which cost just the same. (They got reasons why, I know.) It wasn't bad, but there's still something missing.

St. Honore Beef Burger - Php155
Homemade beef pate topped with tomato and chili relish, saute red onions and cheddar cheese plus french fries.

Next is this sandwich I found interesting just because it has sauerkraut on it. Yes, it is a Western thing (German), and it means, sour cabbage. I was so eager to have my tongue tasted it the first time I saw its name, cause it bear a Bible name, right? But got disappointed that it doesn't have a generous portion of sauerkraut (People know how much I love veggies.) and cheddar cheese. But, it is pretty heavy, me and my best friend shared with the two slices.

The Rueben - Php120
Homemade corned beef, American cheddar, sauerkraut served in whole wheat bread and french fries.

We also had two mini cupcakes for dessert and they're just a thumb size.

Mini Red Velvet Cupcake
Mini Cookies and Cream Cupcake (Php15 each)

And you know what, they got very cheap pastries, and I havn't had the chance to try their cheesecake.

Chocolate Mousseline Cake - Php[well, I forgot!]

My sister's favorite part of the food trip is having herself some good selfies.

As mentioned, she's my sister.

Overall, I enjoyed the place, it was actually packed when we walked in. The food, I'm good with the Reuben, but maybe there were still a lot to try. I will not settle to my verdict, not until I tried every dish they have on their menu.

Anyways, I found four of my former classmates in college, and all of them, they're working on food industry. Two work at Bo's Coffee (haven't tried that though its just in front of the office), and the other two work at Pizza Hut.

Visit Cafe St. Honore FB page here.

Sunday, May 17

He Brews Cafe Batangas

Hola amigos y amigas! How are you?

Before, I told myself that I’ll continue blogging. But since I do have my priorities now, I am very apologetic for always being MIA (missing in action) every now and then. For newly opened cafes and burger joints, that, I cannot review like what I did before. For big screen movies, yes, I skipped a lot too. :/ But that's okay. The reason is, I found someone whom I spend my time with, for important and more beneficial things. ❤ I can't wait to share you guys about him, us, and everything in between!

Anyways, enough with the blah blahs. I won't dilly dally again, so here's a hole-in-the-wall cafe located in the small aisle before the former Cut Salon and KFC in P. Burgos Street, Batangas City. (I so hope that I used the right landmarks.)

I do have some shots of the cafe itself but the direct links of the pictures won't work, so I opted to skip that. Since the highlight of my blog is about the menu, please just see them in the cafe's page, and I am going to include that at the end of this review. ^_^

Ok, so let's start with the drinks.

Coffee Caramel (Php70)

Wednesday, March 4

Patty Batangas in the Heart of Batangas City

And it's been a while since I visited some food hub after the first week of February. Well, at least I was able to try this new burger house at the back street of our office.

I've heard about the shop from a friend of a friend and tried to visit it when I got time to spare last January. It was a coincidence that the store was closed on that particular day (Monday) and resumes the following day, Tuesday. I wasn't sure though, we just heard that from a passerby that time.

Of course we wanted to try it out, so the next day, I searched the net and and found out that they just moved into a better place. As mentioned, it is just blocks away from our office. And finally, we were able to try their dishes.

Patty Batangas is another shop to love if you're into grilled patties and tacos.

Sorry for a spam of burger photos for I haven't had a chance to shot some of the spots, just this photo-note wall that catches everyone's eyes. (Cool, I can see my workmates from here. Look! Haha.)

Friday, February 6

Black Forest Cake

Homemade treats are way better (and best) than those commercially sold at shops and stores. And I know you couldn't agree more.

Mom had her workshop last year (I guess) on specialty cakes and dessert and she's so happy to tell me how they created Black Forest Cake from scratch. It was a pricey dessert though, but I will never let that spoil my eagerness to create the latter.

If you want to have something, then invest for it. So the previous months, what I did was save and save so I could have the ingredients needed.

Photos above were taken after chilling the cake and yes, homemade desserts were the best, and less guiltier too. Hehe. (No transportation fee, waste of time, plus more sharing and family bonding).

I still have something I wanna make the next months, and hopefully, I'll be able to bake that. :)

Last words? Craving satisfied!

Monday, January 19

Tea Station at Alangilan, Batangas City (CLOSED)

Though I'm in cafe hopping the past weeks, I will never forget the first love of my life, milk tea!

This one I found on Instagram was a newly opened milk tea hub located right in the heart of Alangilan Batangas proper. Located within the vicinity were universities and training centers, which made it a perfect tambayan for students.

Small holes in the wall.

I went there three (3) weeks later after its opening and I guess a lot raped the place already. Notes and notes and notes were everywhere, indicating that a lot of people have visited the place right before I have stepped my foot in its fully furnished store.

Game cards were available too!

Wednesday, January 14

Myx Travels; Tingloy, Batangas

Hola amigos/amigas! This is a very late post since it blasted a year ago. LOL.

Where did you spend your Holidays? Since we I have two weeks off, I've decided not to waste any time but enjoy every single minute of it. Coincidentally, bestfriend invited me to join her adventure in one of her favorite vacation spot in Batangas. The fact is, I am not an adventurer, I just travel in my heart's content and that's it.

So here's the highlight of my four (4) days adventure. ^_^

Our first day (December 30, 2014) started late in the morning. We (best friend and a common friend), met by 10 and departed from Batangas proper just before lunch time. It was an hour or so travel until we reach the port (just a small port) in Anilao, Mabini Batangas. In case you're familiar with the place, yes, it is one of the best spots to dive in.

The boats (yes, all of 'em) departed already so we've waited until there's a single one who'll let us in. But before anything else, we had our lunch on spot.

What my hometown is known for; Lomi

After lunch, we headed north and patiently waited so we could leave. Guess what, it was almost three (3) in the afternoon when one of the boats let us in. Phew! Finally, I said. (I nagged my bestfriend that time asking if we could just go back home and cancel the trip. LOL.)

Trying to strike a Johnny Bravo pose.

I never thought that it will be that hard to catch a ride.

Thursday, January 8

Featured: Lotus Biscoff Biscuits

Hola guys! As promised (though I didn't), I am trying my very best to be an active blogger, hopefully, I could break my 2012 blog record of 111 posts.

Yesterday after office work, I found myself siting inside the mall, waiting for my best friend. I accompanied her on buying stuffs her friend will bring to Korea on Saturday. Time flies too fast that he is going to leave so soon. Another post about my experience with them will be posted here, maybe on Saturday or next week.

So today's post was about some kind of cookies I found yesterday inside the international section of Citimart inside Bay City Mall Batangas. But before we proceed, in case you missed, here's my post about Trader Joe's Cookie Butter before, talking about how not-peculiar the product was. (But it tastes good, really.)

They said that Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter was way better than Trader Joe's, but then, what's my say, I haven't tried the other one.

Tuesday, January 6

Jovita Cafe, Batangas City

It's vacation time! Yey for me and for other bloggers who have vacays out there too! This is the time of the year we've all been waiting for. Not only because it's siesta time, it is bonus time too! Ayt?

And since people do have lots of mollah, they're almost everywhere! Except for a girl named Myx. Haha.

Anyways, I've been in cafe hopping the past weeks and I think this one's my favorite so far. I've tried that one located at Caedo Commercial Center in Bolbok and I will go back there not because of their coffees or frappe but because of their Clubhouse sandwich. Jovita Cafe opened two weeks back (not sure though) and been seeing their tarp on streets since last month.

So finally, after a week or two, I then stepped on its flourished place with my sister and best friend and tried out what goodies they could offer.