Excited about School?

Posted on June 5, 2012, 9:00pm

Hey! It's school time already! And who's excited to go to school? No oh, not me. My sister. Yes, she can't wait cause she's a freshie. She's taking Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. It isn't her first choice actually. She wants BSCS (Computer Science). I just told her to take up BusinessAd, if it's not the course for me, then it's for her. :) It's me who really want to take that course, after 4 years in my course (HRM), I know in myself now that's what I really like. Wew. It really took 4 years before I came to realize that I'm not satisfied with my course. Enough with the blah blahs.

I miss wearing my school uniform. Like the one I'm wearing in this pic because the last months of last sem, I don't have the freedom to wear our uniform the way I wanted. Obviously, it is better with black stockings, and the skirt is shorter, like the Korean students I watched on TV.

Classes will start on June 18. Yes, I still have to wait for 2 more weeks. I don't know if I'll be happy or not. :/

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  1. Good luck with school!! Hopefully you and your sister do well. I think most people actually pick things to study for four years just to finish and realize it isn't what they truly wanted. But hopefully it'll work out :)


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