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Myxilog was once an escape. And now, it is a hub of my life experiences, something I want to share to the world.

Date Created: May 28, 2010

My journey as a FOODIE started somewhere when I was still in college, year 2008. I was a graduate of BS Hotel and Restaurant Management and that became the bridge of me trying different treats and delicacies from all around the globe. My favorite? Vietnamese cuisine!


Since I was in grader, I found myself doing random things on pieces of notes of my Mom. I do doodles and arts and sometimes, it took me days to finish one. I even had a surprise bomb box for my boyfriend when we had our first year. Here is a link in case you missed it. Sorry for my face as featuring post header. I just don't have any choice. (Which in contrary, I'm very proud showing my face in posts like this! Joke!)


It is not always that I travel, but I find that I am always drifted to places I like to see and I love to go to. Been to different places in my home country, The Philippines, also had the chance to visit Vietnam, Taiwan, and some parts of Europe (The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany).


MOVIES! That is one of the things I love doing every spare time, most especially with my GJ and friends. Good visual effect, stunning pictures, lovely background music and fabulous story lines. Sometimes, I dream of myself doing theatrical act like those of the Hollywood. But doing reviews is the least of my hobby. Did I say I love music already? Not yet? Nevermind.

This might not be my line most of the time. I know, there is some percent running through my blood, and I can hear my brain saying I'm a part geek, though I deny. There are no posts of technology related stuff here in my blog, but, don't worry. Someone will take good care of that for you guys. I assure you. I can't post because I know someone is better than explaining things like that than me.

Last but not definitely the least, I am a full-time preacher (together with my husband). If I am not in front of my personal computer? It is either I am baking or I am out in the field talking to people. And I am proud of doing that full time.

There are still a lot of things about me that is not included in this page, but as you go along with my posts, you'll definitely know me better.

Disclamer: All images used in this post are owned and captured by GJF using Fujifilm XT1 with a XF 18-135 OIS WR lens.
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