MWF's Travel Partition Bag

Next to food tripping, travelling is one of the best things I wanna do to prevent myself from procrastinating. But in some sort of consequences, I almost forgot everything I need when we're going on a trip like tooth brush, shampoo, and other personal hygiene stuffs. So Mom decided to buy me this awesome organizer bag from LittleEmily of Multiply. Ti's our second purchase with LittleEmily and yes, they didn't failed us.

So here's our package sealed with a lot of LBC tapes.

They have 4 (pink, blue, gray and violet) MWF bag colors yet we got blue, violet and gray cause Mom knew my taste when it comes to bags and others. I'm not a girly girl who always want to have a pink something like this and that. Blue is my favorite!

I'm loving my gray travel bag with an iPod shuffle design.

It includes 2 mesh partitions and another small purse, a hook on top and durable zippers.

There were various sites in the internet that sell the same partition bag, but Emily's shop has the cheapest!

Link here:

Addition to that, I bought other stuffs like these too! An iPhone4 notepad, a cute diamond rose earrings and a necklace with LOVE pendant.


  1. thanks sweety, actually, it's my 2nd pad :)

  2. cool! I want a pink one since I'ma be traveling next week^^

  3. This is very useful especially for those who love to travel. It's good that your Mom bought it for you.

  4. I am a backpacker most of the time but I certainly need this... Hong kyut nila

  5. woa that is a very early start O.O and thank you I will make sure I will. Your new buy are very cute especially the necklace and the notepad. At first I thought it was an iphone with a paper note stick on it before reading the post ^-^ hihi I hope you have a nice day :)

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  7. ako I always find things that i need at tripologie, for easy traveling bags, need and accessories. a one stop shop for me :D


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