Rai Rai Ken Batangas; Now Open!

A bowl of hot noodle soup is what I really need on cold and lifeless night. So after work, I invited my sister to join me as I try new dishes from a newly opened Japanese restaurant at our place and spearhead our food trip.

A week ago, we made it at Kenny Roger's Roasters and the coming week, maybe we'll try something new to satisfy our taste buds. Well I guess that's a lot of pigging out. :P

I've received my salary tonight already and I was like, "Whut? That's all?", with peculiar look on my face. Obviously, I am a bit disappointed, you don't have to ask me why. -_-

So back to the topic that I'm tackling about a while ago, me and my sissy had a dinner date at Rai Rai Ken (located at SM Batangas), which was known for their authentic Japanese ramen and sushi and gyoza dishes.

Sister doesn't really want other alternative (of rice) so she ordered for a serving of Chicken Teriyaki Bento (Php275).

I opted to have Batchoy Ramen (Php160) because I am looking for a dish of authentic Pinoy and Japanese combined. And I guess I have made the right choice. I guess. :P

Too bad I am allergic to the most popular seafood, which happened to be the shrimp. In short, I haven't had a chance to try their tempura.

I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle so I need MORE greens for my dinner.

Here's my greens (lettuce and cucumber) with lots of shredded crab sticks topped with mayo and caviar! Kani Salad (Php140) is the name.

And here's that floating something on my ramen (which maybe a slice of squid ball or seafood, cause it taste like one).

Dinner for two isn't done yet. We also had Super California Maki (Php105) for dessert, which basically is not. This part is my favorite. Topped with fresh tuna/salmon (I'm not really sure though) salad and they're sushi were really worth the price! Maybe I'll visit Rai Rai Ken again just because of this scrumptious dish.

Ashamedly confessing, this was the very first time that I've tried fresh sushi in my entire life. I survived! Lol.

I haven't had a chance to took a lot of shots from the store because I was too busy finishing my ramen. Sister was busy picking up greens too.

So far so good! Yes, that's final. The service was fast considering that we're not the only clients they have that night, and that's a plus point.

Have you tried Rai Rai Ken before?


  1. looks yummy!
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  2. Uhm, isn't Rai Rai Ken a Japanese resto, not Chinese? o.O Peace sis! (^_^)v

    I've only eaten there once, when they were newly opened. Around September of last year, I think. Not really into Japanese food, but I do like my shrimp tempura! Theirs is pretty decent.

    1. It just happened that I typed Chinese than Japanese po Ate :P It was the only "Chinese" word in this post :P


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