The Sixth Part of The Family

After an exhausting week, it's the only hub which regenerate our empty soul and stomach. Yes, it seems like it's the only addiction my family has and it totally drives us insane. If you'll try Yellow Cab's New York's finest, you'll probably dig what I meant. :)

Dad's choice was Four Seasons Pizza while Mom's fave was Calzone Grande, at least they don't fight since they don't have to share! For me and my siblings, it's always Manhattan Meatlovers, with extra CHEESE! I can't remember the last time we had other products from YC, cause a pizza or two will actually do! But still after each night out at Yellow Cab, we're still left out in the blue craving for more. They're just irresistible!

And it came to the point that Dad and Mom wasn't at home, then we crave for something delish, no second thoughts, we ordered online. Our hungry hearts rejoiced when they were able to deliver our order right from the oven straight to our door step. Good thing YC's able to send orders even to those who live miles away from their store. After an hour, our 18" New York's finest arrived! Fiesta! Until now, Dad and Mom doesn't have any idea about the purchase we've made online before. We don't wanna envy them, they'll go crazy and pity themselves, really. :P

There's always a lot of good times with Yellow Cab's specialties, there's a lot of stories to tell, and sharing them is the best way to treasure those memories. Yellow Cab has been a part of my sly family for years now. It is our family's sixth member. So continue serving happiness to every family out there. That means a lot, especially on our part. :)

Nothing compares to the happiness Yellow Cab brings to my family.

*I am not forced or paid to blog about this. Everything here was shared out of my own free will.

About the image: Two Pizza Calzone I've made because Mom won't stop nagging me to make one for her. :D


  1. May online delivery na sila sis? I mean, not just thru phone? That's good news nga.. I love YC as well. Traditional kainan namin when I get together with my two best friends. :)

    1. Yes po Ate :D Pero I think they have minimum amount of order here in our place. Not sure though. :/

  2. haha i haven't tried yc pa!! parang ala kasi ditong malapit na branch. pero i soooo love pizzas!!!!!! lalo pag super dami ng cheese!!! try ko yung online ordering hihi <3 nakakatuwa naman ang bonding niyo


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