Company's Anniversary Ball

A night full of dazzling lights and some semi-romantic rhythm blew the ball room, everyone’s on their best dress and tie. This is just one of the scenes on our company’s 20th Year Anniversary celebration last Sunday at one of the most promising function halls in our vicinity.

It was indeed a spectacular night for each and everyone, a night to be cherished and remembered forever.

This isn’t my first time attending such party or ball. But every time I had a chance, it trills me to bits. It is not that easy picking and pointing out shoes to wear, gown to dress up and make up to put on. Though everyone did cram on those parts, you can see to it that they really showed their best that night.

I was just an employee with some words to spill and guts to show, but then I was shocked knowing that I was given an award called TOP (Target-Oriented Performance) Award by our HR Officer and the Top Management. It was stated there that I am an employee who handle large workload effectively, especially in multi-media and designs, on a timely manner. I did not expect such actually. But hey, thanks anyways! ^_^


  1. I've always wanted to attend a ball in a gown and all those cutesy stuff but until now, it's still a dream. Your dress is pretty cool and sassy!

  2. My last ball was during my prom days XD
    Still haven't had an event with company's ball yet!
    Hahahaha! Iba-iba kasi ang theme XD

  3. Looks like a fun evet! :) Hope you had a super good time.
    Check out my blog btw? Let me know what you think.


  4. Ang saya sis!! You looks so beautiful as always! Nikki Gil! ahaha!

    Congrats sa'yo for getting the TOP Award! :))


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