Late Post: Brother's Wedding

I should be preparing for my report about Waste Management now, but instead, I am blogging. I've been so busy with a lot of things the previous months, that's why I don't have time to write. Though I have ample photos and stories to tell, I remain silent. But then now, I'm breaking the ice with some on the things happened to me the last months.

Well, October was my brother's wedding day. Everyone got busy and broke. (LOLjk!)

So here's brother walking down the aisle on his special day. (Ops. I think my watermark ate the whole space. Hihi)

Why it made me so busy? I was the one who did the make ups of the bridesmaid (including myself) and Mom. I am no professional make up artist, I just watched how Michelle Phan stroked her brushes on her cheeks and vioala! We didn't paid for our HMU. Cool I know!

I also made 5 dozens of chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with blue and yellow fondant which took me (with the help of my sister, best friend and cousin) six (6) hours to finish everything. That was a tough load, I know.

Brother's wedding was a blast. It was special times where family and friends unite.

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