Black Forest Cake

Homemade treats are way better (and best) than those commercially sold at shops and stores. And I know you couldn't agree more.

Mom had her workshop last year (I guess) on specialty cakes and dessert and she's so happy to tell me how they created Black Forest Cake from scratch. It was a pricey dessert though, but I will never let that spoil my eagerness to create the latter.

If you want to have something, then invest for it. So the previous months, what I did was save and save so I could have the ingredients needed.

Photos above were taken after chilling the cake and yes, homemade desserts were the best, and less guiltier too. Hehe. (No transportation fee, waste of time, plus more sharing and family bonding).

I still have something I wanna make the next months, and hopefully, I'll be able to bake that. :)

Last words? Craving satisfied!


  1. Wooww! that looks yummy! I envy you for baking such a masterpiece :))) im sure it is yummy indeed!

  2. Yummm. Looks terribly good and professional. Industrial cake can't beat this. Would love to make one my you share the recipe? I'm very curious to see next month's creation. What will it be? A "Healthy" pie, or a cheesy one? Thanks for sharing " Miss Myx"


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