Patty Batangas in the Heart of Batangas City

And it's been a while since I visited some food hub after the first week of February. Well, at least I was able to try this new burger house at the back street of our office.

I've heard about the shop from a friend of a friend and tried to visit it when I got time to spare last January. It was a coincidence that the store was closed on that particular day (Monday) and resumes the following day, Tuesday. I wasn't sure though, we just heard that from a passerby that time.

Of course we wanted to try it out, so the next day, I searched the net and and found out that they just moved into a better place. As mentioned, it is just blocks away from our office. And finally, we were able to try their dishes.

Patty Batangas is another shop to love if you're into grilled patties and tacos.

Sorry for a spam of burger photos for I haven't had a chance to shot some of the spots, just this photo-note wall that catches everyone's eyes. (Cool, I can see my workmates from here. Look! Haha.)

And this one, that's me, yes, no one else but me, having a selfie as I look on their menu (see that small chalk board hanging on the wall?). Their wall really looks like their burgers. Continue reading to know why.

I actually texted them for our advance order so there's no need to wait. And yes, as we arrived, they served our burgers immediately, no buffer time! ^_^

It's a date! Sister had her Barbecue Burger Meal with Taco (Php160) while mine was Cheesy Burger Meal with Taco (Php160).

You'll never notice the difference until you opened the bun on top.

Personally, I went crazy over their tacos. They're good! (I forgot why we only had a single serving of it, the lady reasoned out but then I forgot.) I'll definitely come back for their tacos!

If you're gonna grab some lunch here, then you need not to use the fork and knife, Just grab the burger with your bare hands and enjoy munching your own way! You'll perfectly enjoy your meal, I tell you.

And yes, they have an unlimited iced tea for their customers. Awesome right?

I can see that they've already built up a name for their shop was a total full house. Congratulations to the management then!

Location: P. Herrera Street, Batangas City (in front of Tesda)
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  1. Hi, how do I get in touch with you? May I have your email? Thank you :)

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I wonder why, but do mail me at jobellemacatangay[at]

      Thanks! :D

    2. Hi lady myx we have a group of batangas bloggers in batangas city sama ka samin pag may foodtasting kami email me at para magksama sama tayo! 😁

  2. Wooh ang sarap naman!!!! :D Glad to know that a lot of great dining places in the south are starting to open up!

  3. ohhh burgers! that's why it's PATTY batangas. haha! kagutom. :) thanks for dropping by my blog, and for the warm welcome. i'm finally back to blogging! yeyy!

  4. Hi Myx!
    I miss going through your blog.
    I'm into cafe hopping too and there's so many cafes that I want to blog about.
    My sister is planning to take me to Philippines next year and I make your blog as my reference. LOL
    Have a great day, hun.

    Btw those burgers looks so delicious right now *drools*

  5. I love Patty Batangas! I've been there several times with several people. I usually get the meal with fries since the tacos are like 90% veggies. Haha. But my greens-loving friend swears by them tacos. :)

  6. omo the burgers are love!!!! The Philippines is one of the countries in my to-visit list, simply because of its food! and i found the wall full of notes amusing and interesting ^^

  7. Sounds like a fun place to eat! Nakakagutom naman!


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