The Yard; Burgers and Sausages

It's been a while, yeah, it's really been a while since I really had some time visiting some burger shops. The last time was when we had dinner at Burger King Lipa after the meeting, and that was just simply awesome. Sorry, I don't want to turn my blog into a love story blog so I'll not entertain the idea of writing about it, though, I will always want to write everything down so I can read and read and read and cherish it repeatedly. Hihi.

Anyways, last time we planned going to Lipa, it was screwed up by the rain, for it rained the whole day. Woohoo. And then yesterday, I got no plans (really!). Since I'm out of the house already and my sister was really itching to get something for herself, I think I don't have a choice but to be a stage-sister as they call. Hihi.

Anyways (for the last time, cause I'll now focus on the verdict), the latest shop I went was The Yard. I've seen it before at Instagram (that's the fastest source I have for new shops) and that was monthsssssss ago already.

So, this is the "The Yard", as in Backyard. Well, I really like how it turned out. The backyard into a burger and sausage hub. Cooool! (I can hear ears flapping!)

A literally backyard (yes, because it is located at the back of Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe, ohh, I then remember, I have a review on that, but I don't have pictures), but an awesome place to impress someone you like even with a tight budget. Pretty cool for students having a date.

That villa got a lot of hubs to be proud of. The first time I was there was I was in college shouting for a nice serving of pizza. And then Calda Pizza came in. (Please click here to see post.)


Tomato sauce and mustard plus iced tea. Nothing more to say about these things but they're the frosting of our meal.

Cheeseburger A'la carte (Php99)
Bacon Cheeseburger Meal (Php140)
The meal we had.
Freshly grilled beef patty sandwiched in real goodness.

I've never been as satisfied as this before (again). Hihi. Or maybe I am just being biased since we were the only customer that time. But I did enjoyed the company. Yes! Thumbs up to their not-commercial French fries!

Visit their Facebook page here.

All photos in this post were taken by an HTC One M7 Android Phone. Thank you!


  1. Seems yummy! I should visit your place on my next visit! :)

  2. Minsan lang akong kumain ng burger. Pero masarap ang burger lalo na kung may coke....


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