Winter Time Well Spent!

Back to blogging finally! Hello there girls and gals. Been away for couple of months again. Hmm. Should stop this bad habit of mine.

Well anyways, I just had a big break/vacation with my boyfriend and cousin in Europe and we had so much fun! Perhaps I can even post how I got my Visa for Schengen territory though it really differs in category in many ways. But anyways, it might be a great help. (I'll work on that. *wink*) I had struggles too, not once, not twice, but four heart attacks, I guess, not included the mini ones. Haha.

Let it snow!

So to wrap it up (for there'll be different posts for every places I've been), we visited the miniature park in The Hague, which is known to be the mini Netherlands for it features the historical places, buildings and churches, places in The Netherlands (like the Little Europe in Brussels, Belgium).

A miniature of a city somewhere in Holland

We headed to the Rijsk Museum in Amsterdam too and showcased the rich history of the country. After the long day walk in the museum, we finished the day by watching the Dutch film, Michiel de Ruyter or The Admiral (title in US). That was a very nice film of maritime story of the west.

Hot chocolate milk with slagroom before roaming through the Museum

On our way to France, we had a 15 minutes stop over to Belgium. I planned to go to toilet there but too bad that it isn't free.

Belgium Antwerp Centraal Station

Why did we went to France? Of course, to answer my curiosity "Why is it called The City of Love?". Nah, it is to make my dreams come true, in Disney Land! We spent a whole day there riding every single available rides and we watched the parade and the fireworks show even if it is raining. Well, I need to take my chances! Hihi.

Where your dreams come true!

And since we are there already, we also went to see the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame. There, we visited the Pont des Art bridge where there were lots and lots of love locks destroying the rails of the bridge. We also had crepes (that I shouldn't miss) and the best ice cream in town, the Berthillon. Which flavors did I had? Roasted pineapples and fresh basil and black sesame, which I never regretted picking until the last lick I had with the sugar cone. Ha!

Tour Eiffel

Ate Susan and Me

Included to the trip were the Dutch and French goodies I had the chance to try and I'm going to have them in a separate post.


I would like to express my never ending gratitude to my ever loving one and only schat for making everything possible. xxx

Disclamer: All photos are taken by HTC One M8 (unedited). Blog posted using my Mom's PC with uninstalled Photoshop (meaning, I got no chance of putting watermarks on them). :P

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  1. Hi sis! Ibang level ka na ah, Europe tour much? ^_^ I know you're having a good time. Hoping I'd get to visit them too someday, especially Disneyland Paris. Keep up posted! :)


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