Eethuis Lemmer, Netherlands

One of the things I love about The Netherlands is that they have varieties of yummy-oh-so-good meals to offer. I have mentioned their National snack Herring and their famous Dutch Apple Pie in my previous post and still, there were a lot of Dutch treats I want to share.

So for today, here's one of the irresistible meals I had, not once but more than that. The first time was when we decided to watch a movie at home. It was a lazy day and noone seems to like to cook for the night. And it was never a bad decision. Ma had some time to rest and watch some episodes of The Mentalist, and also, had so much time with Pa.

The other time is when I decided to take pictures. Again, it was a movie date at home and I love it!

Menu Card
Just random picture of their candle light, just because.

I can't remember if this is the small ones or the big ones. Either, they're just so good that even you're full already, you don't want to stop eating.

They have sauces to accompany the meal, too bad that I was distracted so I wasn't able to take pictures of them.


Kapsalon is the Dutch word for hairdresser. They first called the food that way when a hairdresser from the neighboring barbershop always order Shoarma with cheese on it (for it usually do not come with cheese). And I am so happy it was invented!

 Shoarma or kebab, potato fries, salad and melted cheese

Two thumbs up for them! I can't say more!

Picture outside the restaurant

The picture above was the building outside the restaurant. It is a small museum of . . . wait, I don't know. But it says there that it is a museum. Hihi

Have you tried Shoarma with fries and veggies?


  1. hi Lady Myx, thanks for visiting my site (TPW). visited your other food blog but it seems like this one is the updated one. anyway, shoarma looks good; and now I'm craving for one. :(

    btw, I also have a food blog (pinayfoodiediaries), hope to see you there. :)

  2. Oh, you're in Holland! I haven't really tried Dutch food except for Dutch 'pancakes.' I have a Dutch Uncle, he and my Aunt live somewhere near Amsterdam. :)


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