Jam Boracay; Not Your Ordinary Coconut Jam

Hola amigos y amigas! Well, so sorry for being MIA (missing in action) the past month. September was simply a blast, a life-changing and awesome month. Yeps, and I hope I will also be able to blog about it.

As I've said, September was a blast. Me, GJ and friends went to Boracay for a week and had totally refined and nourished spiritually. But I'm gonna cut it there, for this post is reserved for a review.

If you've been to Kalibo International Airport, you're probably familiar of this Korean Store inside the souvenir building right in front of the Airport.

Yes, outside (which is still inside of the building) is a Korean Restaurant

We stayed here for like half an hour. That's because we are punctual though we know that our flight will be delayed again, like the first one.

See those Korean characters? Okay.

GJ and I found this interesting product out of curiosity. It was always played in the TVC (that's in the store) how good the jam is. It shows how the store is always packed jam. I mean, packed jam. Well, I guess you get me, right? :D

Free Taste

And since I personally love coconut (any product out of coconut, but those which are non-edible are exempted), it is a must to give it a try.

Actual product presentation

Yes! It is amazing! Not the common brown coconut jam of the Philippines, but it is a buttery-melt-in-your-mouth goodness. So I bought a jar for GJ since locals do have discounts on their products. Forgive me for I cannot remember how expensive it was but I think it is nearly Php500 or 10.365 US Dollar or 9.28 Euro.

Other jam flavors for free taste

Their other jam variants are good too. There were all local products of the Philippines that they made into jam (I think). Calamansi and Moringa are those I remember.

The photos below are the other products they cater.

Coconut Wine

Though the name of the store is Jam, they are not limited to food alone.

Oil in different bottles and sizes

Coconut Lotion

The time we went there, there were few people around, since it is lean season and few are having breaks from work and so. Also, at the beach alone, it is as pleasant as it is in pictures, not that much doing their sun bathing and sailing.

Have you tried Coconut Jam of Jam Boracay already? How do you find it?


  1. Wow! I'd like to try this jam out. My mom loves coco jams so I bet she'll love it too. I also like the packagings of their products... I'm interested in getting their coconut oil as well.


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