Cafe Saporo Batangas

It was the same day when we visited WiniMini Donuts and Snack Bar in Bauan and the day we had lunch at Cafe Saporo Batangas. A typical Friday morning, I had to do some of my errands and then headed to this cafe at the back of Reyes Hair Cutters along P. Zamora Street. My best friend Truce with our friend Ate Cam were waiting for me for perhaps at least half an hour already.

Iced tea in a bulb

The thought is funny, but having it in real life seems scary. I once saw the bulb glass in a Facebook post before and had an idea that it looks really cool. But when you had it in front of you, then you'll realize that it is "enlightening". Haha.

To boost the appetite, a serving of Nachos with Cheese is a nice idea. I felt a bit sad seeing this hill of nachos dredged in cheese dip. There will only be one result after few minutes, crunchy ones will turn to soggy chips. And sadly, that really happened. But then when the staff saw that we are not touching the chips, he offered to change them and give us crunchy ones. This time, cheese dip was on the side of the plate.


Potato. One word. But means a lot when fried. But this next dish was not the potato cuts you normally have. Too bad that I forgot how it was called.

Update: Before publishing this post, I messaged them to ask and then they replied. That was prompt!

Buffalo Mojos

It is gratifying to find different potato dishes in different cafes. These are the ones I always need to try. Cafe Saporo's mojos were bit dry and toasted. I don't have any idea if it should really be like that or they overcooked it. The flavor was nice, but the potato itself was gone in the scene. And that made me feel sad and sorry. Maybe, they need to cut them thicker than this one. I hope they can do something about it.

Next, burger. I personally like how they do their servings, create your own burger combination. You can choose your patty, either chicken, pork or beef and add some veggies as to your liking.

Truce's burger

Truce had beef burger with cucumber and lettuce in cheese. There should be the other vegetable, I just do not know and cannot see it from this photo. Sorry.

My beef burger with fries

I love how mine turned out, like it was the perfect combo. It was a beef burger (which tastes good) with mushroom, cucumber and lettuce in cheese. Plus, they also served generous potato fries in the side, which made it really filling.

They serve much more dishes like pasta and frappes. On my next visit, I'll definitely try their Carbonara and Tuna Pesto.


The cafe was just a month old. The place is spacious and I like the black and white theme. Staff are friendly and that counts a lot. Thanks!

Special thanks to Ate Cam, it was an awesome chat and lunch out. :)

Visit Cafe Saporo FB Page here.


  1. everything looks so good i'm so hungry now hahaaa. btw hi there! nice blog you have. i followed you! :)

    1. thanks for dropping. I hope you did not licked your screen while browsing my post :P

  2. These looks so good! I seriously need to visit Batangas soon again.

    Joyce | Joycentricity

  3. I have yet to try this new cafe. I wonder if the coffee's any good there?

  4. I couldn't resist purchasing a brownie to go. It was a good thing that my fiancee bought the brownie because when I heard how much it was I nearly choked on it. ice cream mystic ct


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