Go Pure: Healthier Days With Chia Seeds

I remember my aunt dipping her finger in a zip lock bag with black seeds before, and all I thought was she's eating some black sesame just because she wants to. But then when I asked her what she's munching on, it was Chia. And that was the very first time I've heard about this seed.

Originally grown in Mexico, the seeds were highly valued for their medicinal properties and nutritional value. In fact, they were even used as currency. source. Legend has it that the Aztecs and Mayans used chia seeds to fuel performance back in the day. And from that on, it was labeled as one of the healthiest food on the planet.

You may wonder, why did they call it that way? Let's take a look at these facts proven by studies.

A tiny seed is loaded with high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, and lots of vitamins and minerals. Since it is high in fiber and protein, it can help one to lose weight. For the bones, it also contains calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Just imagine how healthy you can be if you're going to take at least two (2) tablespoons a day!

But if you're thinking if it is available in your local supermarket, you don't need to worry. Because you can buy them online! Go Pure Healthy Vegan Treats caters healthy vegan products like Quinoa, Cacao Nibs, Maca Powder and various flavors of dairy-free premium vegan ice cream within Batangas City and even nationwide.

Grabbed from Go Pure Healthy Vegan Treats FB account

For recipe ideas, check them out!

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  1. Will look for these at the supermarket near me, haven't heard of this yet.. thanks for the informative post

  2. I used to sprinkle Chia into everything, especially salads. Putting it on anything just adds this fun extra crunch. I tried overnight chia pudding (putting chia seeds into milk or other liquids) but that just was too much goo for me (it absorbs liquids so much...). I should pull out my chia seeds and try to intake some again!

  3. My sister is obsesses with chia seeds but I tend to hate the texture of them The only way I can eat them is if they are baked in something or in a drink where the texture isn't ass noticeable.


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