Bò Bia Ngọt; Hanoi's Sweet Street Food

Street foods. In the Philippines, it is commonly what's soaked in oil and sold either by piece or by a stick. In Hanoi, it comes in a very different form. Just like this one. Bò Bia Ngọt or sweet summer roll. It is a snack prepared after you have ordered. Two pieces of lumpia wrappers, added with blocks of crispy sugar candies, shredded coconut meat and a good sprinkle of black sesame seeds. A roll cost VND10.000 (0.000440 US Dollar) which seems no cost at all.

I am not a big fan of this but it is always worth a try. We found the lady selling Bò Bia Ngọt along the street of Hoan Kiem Lake.

Here's a video of how this street food is made. Enjoy!

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