Vietnamese Street Food - Phô Mai Que

So yes, today, let's talk about street food. Since there was someone who asked for this category of all the options I made (well it was just between that or noodles) so I've decided to make this post.

For few times, I've tried this street food, Phô Mai Que (Fried Cheese Sticks), with a couple of friends when we were in Vietnam. That was late at night and they are still open serving snacks for students from the school in the storefront. And pho does not only mean noodles.

I am bad at taking notes and really, the important information just cut loose every time. That is why when I got chance, I do take photos of the restaurant itself, and oh, the menu too. But that doesn't happen every time. When we are busy eating, enjoying food, we don't want ourselves to be distracted by not so important things other than the FOOD. Yep!

So this Vietnamese treat seems like an ordinary mozzarella stick on stick. If that is the case, then it is not real real Vietnamese street food! But hey, we had it in Vietnam so, no problem! Okay, sorry for talking too much nonsense. Hihi.

Basically, it is cheese coated with crumbs and then fried. It is perfect for winter while having a cold tall glass of matcha frappe with friends late at night chatting.

What I love about it is it does taste like mozzarella, maybe, it is real mozzarella. They have mayo, hot sauce and ketchup for dipping.

This is something I will miss having. Not only this snack but the memories I had with bunch of friends in different background. I wish to be back to Vietnam again!

Exact Address: Unknown (my bad!)
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

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