Chatbooks; Photo Book Service and Product Review + Free Book for You!

In this era of social media, people tend to save their photos online instead of having them printed on albums. But for me, it is always nice to feel them with my hands as I glide through pages and reminisce memories physically I've made for the past years.

It was recommended by a blogger and I was so eager to try it that time. But a year passed, I wasn't sure how will I get one. Then this year, I found an opportunity to have Chatbooks for myself, finally, without any regrets.

About the Chatbooks - A fast and affordable way to get photos off of your phone and into your hands. Easily add, edit, and rearrange your favorite photos to create a beautiful photo book. It is a smartphone and website application that allows you to create and order 60-pages 5x5" photo albums in an instant through your social media accounts.

I love how convenient it is that you can use your Instagram or Facebook, or Google photos to have your pictures printed. It took me less than an hour to have my very first order, and then, I had another one right after. Having a pretty hectic schedule deserves an easy app like this. The site itself says that you can have a book, in a minute, that's a lie! I had two, so it took me two minutes! Haha!

Two books I had both came in softbound cover and I love them so much. Chatbooks also have hardbound ones for an additional price. And if you feel like making a custom book, you can also do it for US$15 and up. That is what I actually am planning for our wedding pictures.

The only downside of the book is that, if your photos are taken in low resolution, the application cannot do anything about them. So you need to pay attention to what you actually want to keep printed.

If you have problems regarding payment, coupons, etc, their technical staffs are very helpful and will try to reach you as soon as they could. When I had a problem with my PayPal account, they resolved it the following day, knowing that we live 12hours away from them.

Why not head to their site and get your first book for free? Yes, you heard me right, you can use this code as a gift and you only need to pay a little extra for the shipping fee (if you live outside US). Shipping is free if you're from America.


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  1. Yay for the chatbooks and great customer support right! :) I have another two and I want more!


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