Fried Chicken Master PH is Now at SM City Batangas (CLOSED)

Another restaurant that millennials will definitely love! Fried Chicken Master PH opened their very first branch in the Philippines last Friday, September 28, 2018.

Beautiful people behind SM City Batangas, Fried Chicken Master and Myxilog blog :)

Quick Facts: Fried Chicken Master is a brand of Taiwanese fried chicken created in 2014 by Young Qin International Co., LTD. Young Qin has over 30 years of expertise in poultry and has over 1, 000 Food and Beverage Restaurant in Taiwan. The brand also has branches in China and Singapore.

Blockbuster line for the Buy 1 Take 1 promo on its Opening Day.

Why in Batangas City?
Mr. Chen, FCM owner, believed that the city is fast growing and soon will experience a rapid economic growth. They are also expanding the store to have another branches in Lipa, Manila, etc. It is nice to cater and introduce new Asian inspired menu to people who are hungry of development and maturation, which happened to be, Batangas, according to survey.

For beverage, they serve milk teas like Cassia Tea (also known as semen cassia, come from the cassia plant which is a famous Chinese herb. Those seeds are dried and used to make a delicious tea that has a sweet and bitter flavor. source:, Wintermelon Tea (tea from a type of gourd that originated in Southeast Asia), and Master Milk Tea to complement a complete meal.

Steamed rice served with sauteed scallions

They made sure to serve only the best by using the most tender and succulent part of the chicken with the proprietary marinade, making their chicken crunchy and tasty.

Karate Chop

My husband and I agreed that they serve palatable dishes and it is the Pepper & Salt Jimbo, which is our best favourite. It is flavorfully spicy, not too salty, until the last bite. I was never a fan of spicy food but this one is definitely an exemption.

Pepper & Salt Jimbo

They also offer variety of snacks, like Golden Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings and Spaghetti.

Fried Chicken Master is also reasonably priced, with value meals ranging from Php99 up to Php199.

You may visit Fried Chicken Master's social media accounts for promos and updates.
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IG: Fried Master Chicken

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