Naar Nederland; An Overview

Hello boys and girls! Here I am once again, still alive and kicking! I am so sorry for a lot of MIA months, I've been through a lot of paperworks, I also had my job, and we made it to The Netherlands. Can you just imagine the toxic we've just faced? But good thing, everything now is in place. We were able to arrange our documents and register our wedding certificate in The Netherlands. I might make a separate blog post for the requirements and the procedure of that.

For now, we are still living in The Philippines. But if circumstances arise, we will not dilly dally and move to Europe. Of course, that is plan B.

Though plan B isn't as important as the plan A, it is still necessary to prepare. In this world full of chaos, you wouldn't want to be in awe when something strikes your life, right? So as for the preparation of the plan B, or living in Europe, I am already starting to learn the language. Although it is not as difficult as the other foreign languages with different characters, learning it will still be a challenge for me. I won't be exposed to Dutch speaking people while we are in The Philippines.

Thanks to my friends that they helped me choose the right preparatory material. It is a book to help me to get to know more about the Basic Civic Integration Examination. This is the examination which some people must take and pass in order to obtain a provisional residence permit (mvv) allowing them to live in the Netherlands.

Here is Naar Nederland workbook, which we purchased from for €25 (all inclusive of CDs, DVDs, and photobook).

What's the fastest way to intergrate ones self to the culture? I think it s eating their traditional food while learning the language! If you want to know more about this book, visit their website at

I also made a quick overview of what's inside the box. Enjoy watching! Doie!

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