The Fastest Way to Replace Your Car Battery

A dead battery can leave you stranded. When you’re in a bind, it’s important to know how to change a battery fast and get your car back on the road. Find the nearest auto parts store, select the correct battery type for your vehicle and follow these simple instructions. Never attempt anything while your car is running, and be sure to wear proper protective gear before starting.

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Removing Your Old Battery

Most car batteries are easy to see. However, some are hidden under other components, in the trunk or even under your floorboard. Once you’ve located your dead battery you’ll want to identify both battery posts.

Every battery has a positive and negative battery post. The positive post is typically covered with a red protective cover, but can also be found with the “+” symbol. The negative battery post will have a “-” symbol.

Loosen the negative terminal from your battery. The positive terminal may still hold a charge, so be cautious not to touch it with your hands or anything metallic. After the negative post is fully removed from the battery, then you can remove the positive post.

Most batteries will have some sort of retaining device or clamp to keep them secure. You’ll need to locate the clamp and use a wrench to remove it. Afterward, your battery should be able to be removed. Be cautious of any corrosion, sharp metal objects or hot parts surrounding the battery.

Replacing Your Battery

Now that the hard part is over you can replace your new battery. Clean out both terminals thoroughly to remove any rust or corrosion. Replace the battery in reverse order:

1. Place the battery
2. Tighten the clamp
3. Add anti-corrosion washers
4. Grease the battery posts
5. Tighten the positive terminal
6. Tighten the negative terminal

You’ll be back on the road in no time. For more emergency repair information or routine maintenance, such as what oil filter do I need, contact your local auto parts store or mechanic for all the information, parts and tools you need.

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