Our Wedding DIYs

It has been a year since we got married, yeps, this is long overdue. And all the other efforts we put into it was all worth it, I believe. Since GJ was here to help me with all the favors for the wedding, there's not that much hassle. I was blessed to have my family to be all support for the crafting stuff that we thought of.

The preparation actually began when GJ arrived in the Philippines, that was March last year. It was all started with the paperwork since we do not have the same nationality. That was such a tiring week for both of us. Happily, documents and requirements were completed. Next to do, have the wedding suits sewed, have our rings done, look for a reception, ask for approval for the usage of the hall, book hotel accommodation for visitors from abroad, talk with the makeup, flowers, & media suppliers and finally, prepare the teenie tiny bits of details on our wedding day.

Some of our DIY's were:
-Usherettes' hat
-Table names/number
-Menu cards
-Cake Stand/Deco
-Video Loop


From the very start, I always want to have my very own and unique wedding favors, most especially, the invitation. Since we are in an interracial relationship, there's nothing else that would best fit than a passport and a flight ticket.

We also incorporated a signature initials in the envelope of the invitation. This was the final design we picked among the other three that I made. It looked more elegant in the form of a wax stamp.

Editor: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Fonts: Candlescript, Times New Roman, Courier, Agency FB and Maratre
Printing Shop: JustInPrints Batangas
Wax Stamp: Online shop from Facebook (can't find them anymore, I'm sorry)
Ribbon and brown envelope: National Book Store

cake deco

This part was copied from my cousin's wedding a year before ours. We found these at Divisoria and painted them blue.

Flight attendant hat

To make it a little bit nostalgic, giving our guests the feeling of being in a real airplane, I requested my usherettes to wear this customized at the reception. They were in a white blouse with black skirts, and a scarf to make the feeling complete.

Felt paper: Divisoria
Tutorial: Youtube

Menu card & name tags

Every time we fly to Europe, this is my favorite part, the menu card in the planes. That's the reason why I never let my wedding miss this small detail. I used the same font like the ones in the invitation.


A flight setting won't be complete without a greeting from the company and the seating arrangement.

Editor: Photoshop CS5
Fonts: Candlescript, Arial, and Maratre
Printing Shop: Octa Prints Batangas

Table Numbers

We did not put table numbers, ours are JW branch offices around the world. Well, that's where we all want to go, why not incorporate it with our once in a lifetime wedding? I've visited three already, PH, FR and NL, but the most exciting is, if ever we will be able to visit the WHQ. That would be super awesome.

Wooden Frame: Divisoria
Photopaper: National Book Store


Merging our cultures means merging our products in our souvenirs. We made loot bags for our giveaway which consists of three different items. One was from The Netherlands, my favorite Dutch treat called stroopwafels, the second was from my hometown, Batangas, of course, coffee (Kapeng Barako) for deodorizer and lastly, a fridge magnet with our faces.

Cookies: The Netherlands
Coffee beans: Sulit Coffee Store Batangas
Magnet sheets and photo paper: National Book Store

If ever I remember something that's not included in this list, I'll definitely make a part two. But for now, that's about it! I'm happy I could share my wedding DIYs. It is really satisfying having a hands on wedding. Thanks for reading! Bye!
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