East Meets West at Share Cafe, Batangas

You might have come across one of the hottest cafes within Batangas these days. This one has a menu serving that changes daily. How cool was that? It's not just it actually. Taking order was made to be innovative, which was the first one in the city. Connecting to their internet connection, you can make the selection on the array of menu choices they have without even calling their staff, although assistance is well offered.

It was so intriguing, so we tried it ourselves.

To start with, we had their Artisan Garlic Cheese Bread for our appetizer. I am telling you, it was a hit, one of my favorites. Wait, we haven't even started yet. They also have chicken, chorizo cheese dip (which I am eager to try on our next visit), nachos and potato wedges.

Artisan Garlic Cheese Bread (Php99)

The second course called for something hot. Here's a cup of Tomato and Basil Soup me and my husband shared. It is not really for sharing, but we are as cheesy as Gouda that even a piece of something we tend to split. Their alternate one is squash soup, a definitely must try next time. Oh, they have salads too if you want to start light.

Tomato & Basil Soup (Php70)

Finally, our main was their signature hand-tossed Crispy Pata Overload Pizza, perfect for two. Aside from this Pinoy inspired pizza, there's also salmon if you opt for fish, chicken, all meat, Hawaiian and pepperoni. No need to fret if you're a vegetarian, they have vegetable pizzas too!

Crispy Pata Overload Pizza (Php159)

Of course, a meal isn't complete if there's no dessert in the end. Our big appetites deserve this small but heavy Bread Pudding. Their assortment of afters includes different kinds of cakes and churros. If you want to have something fancier than those, they have chocolate fondue dip as well.

Bread Pudding (Php70)

And for a coffeeholic like my husband, any meal won't go finished without a cold serving of his caffeine drink, more likely compared to his afters. He then had their Iced Caramel Macchiato which surprisingly tickled my buds too! It was nicely refreshing. But I did not take that much, I'm caffeine intolerant.

Iced Caramel Macchiato (Php65)

That's what we had from our visit at Share Cafe. The meal we had is satisfying and also, not really hitting the pocket that hard. They even have a meal that costs Php48 (not even a dollar) for rice, viand, a side, and a drink. Incredible right?

G had a good time as well, having western food without leaving the city and without spending that much.

You can visit their website at https://sharecafe.ph/.
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