First Cafe Visit After Quarantine: 't Voorhuys Restaurant Grand Cafe

The day I came to The Netherlands was the day that they declared the intelligent lockdown. Just imagine how sad I was at that time because I was so excited to meet with friends, to try out new restaurants and to visit some attractions again. But of course, we need to follow directions. Happily, all of my family is well up to now. And I couldn't ask for more.

Four months later, the curve has subsided and it started to flatten. The offices started functioning again and the restaurants started to operate. Finally, the day I've been waiting for since I arrived. We are now allowed to eat out again, but of course, with strictly following social distancing and handwashing thingy.

We are fortunate to receive a complimentary stay at 't Voorhuys Hotel in the nearby neighborhood so we grabbed it. It was just a one-night stay but still, we weren't really able to enjoy our wedding anniversary the previous month which supposedly gonna happen in Germany for a few days.

It was just a 10-minute drive from home and it was actually fun being a local customer. There were still a lot of things we haven't tried so why not start today, right?

Grand Dessert

We already finished having dinner so we just planned to take some good beer and dessert.

My husband was bold enough to get a set of five dessert tastings even though we had good slices of pizza at home. It consisted of mango sorbet, berry pannacotta, Tony Chocolonely salted caramel mousse, tiramisu, a slice of cake (I think) with whipped cream in the middle.

I thought I was modest enough when I ordered a serving of raspberry berry pannacotta with vanilla ice cream on the side.

But after finishing the desserts, we had another glass of beer, draft this time, also my first time to have beer straight out of the cask. It isn't nice to drink beer alone. So we got a cheese plate with two kinds of cheese, olives, onions, bread, seasoned butter, dips, and sausages.

Yes, I thought we were already full.

It was just so nice having drinks, small finger food to accompany it. We also talked about a lot of things and I really love that.

I cannot stress enough how stuffed we were with the food we just enjoyed having. But it was worth it. We finished the day with a small walk in the centrum and finally headed to our hotel room. It was great. I loved it! It might not always be the same way cause of the new normal but I am happy that we can still enjoy these things again.

Have you visited a cafe/restaurant after the lockdown?


  1. Covid ruined everyone. Glad that you finally got to visit the cafe. The food looks amazing!

  2. aaaa im hungry nowww!! i wanna fly and visit there. >•<


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