Cheese Boards in The Netherlands

I am a very huge fan of anything that looks cute! Mainly in crafting maybe but also with food. I love mixing cheese boards when we just feel like making one, and it is just so satisfying to eat, these finger foods.

It is so fortunate on my case because these items are all available in our local supermarkets. Plus, they are just few steps away.

For this specific cheese board, we used four different types of French cheese. Brie with black truffle was my favorite amongst the ones we had, and camembert is my least, I cannot simple take the smell of it.

Back home in The Philippines, I also arranged a smorgasbord (a type of cheese board I belive), but it has more of small chopped vegetables rather than cheese. Cheese is expesive there, plus, we only have few options.

Anyways, do you like cheeseboards as well?

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