"Hi, this is Liss of Sumisho Motor Finance Corporation, I would like to invite you to take our initial qualifying exam (one-day hiring/ job fair) on Monday at 1:30pm. Pls proceed to McDonald Lipa Bayan, Katipunan St. Lipa, Batangas. Its near the plaza in front of Lipa Church. Bring on updated copy of your resume. Thank you. pls reply with your namr to confirm."

For the fifth time, I have received a job offering message from an unknown  source. Yaps! this was the fifth time. And even though they're stalking me, I didn't entertain any. Yet, the last time we (my family) talked, they wan tme to stay at home. Some of my exclassmates invites me to join them in submitting there resume's/ bio data in their perspective choices. My bff invited me once to join her in Laguna but I failed her. I can't make my own descision!!!

Naiisip ko na lang baka mamaya, mamiss ko ang opportunity na to at pagsisihan ko. Ano bang dapat kong gawin? Oo, boredom kills me na dito sa bahay, pero ayoko pa naman magwork, I'm with this blog kasi eh. Pero gusto ko na din naman magexplore.. Hayst!  Any suggestions?

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