Steps for a Healthy Diet

If we already have Tips for a Healthy Diet, let's now break a leg by following this steps so we will have a more healthier lifestyle. :)

Step 1, Diet when you're really ready to make a healthy change. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight and if this is the right time to do it.

Step 2, Do a realtity check. Ask yourself if you really need to lose weight.

Step 3, Have a food note. Write down what you eat, where you eat, when you eat and with whom you eat. This is just as simple as a food diary.
Step 4, Know your good habits. Strengthen them and pursue to add new ones.

Step 5, Know your eating style. If you have a large amount of food intake, have a new eating pattern.

Step 6, Set achievable and realistic goals.

Step 7, Your eating awareness should be increases. Know why you eat, is it in time s of stress, boredom, a fight with your partner, depressed?

Step 8, Have an exercise. Try to seek time to make it a daily habit.

Step 9, Seek for support.

Step 10, Be patient to wait and don't force yourself to do it if you didn't feel it. If you skip a day, don't stop, be back on track the next day.

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