February Fourteen

Hey how howdie, how are you guys? And how was your life going? I would like to know. :) By the way, how was your February 14? Mine was super okay. I had a lot of fun with my family. Fyi, I don't celebrate Valentines. We had a cool tour in Manila, but still, disappointed. Korean restaurant in MOA was closed. And noones selling Melona. It's our priority why we joined the tour. Maybe that Shindangdong Restaurant in Makati's the right one for us. [Please don't make us feel upset.] We watched the sea lions danced 2ne1's song in Manila Ocean Park and they're really charming. Sorry. I don't have photos of em.

I have tried this frozen yogurt and oh my! I want more! Pretty please. This is a self served yogurt. There are a lot of frozen yogurt flavors, i have chosen vanilla, so i can put a lot of toppings cause i have a plain base. It comes with raspberry syrup topped with white chocolates, gummy bears a piece of cherry and chocolate sprinkles.

Yum! I got there cute chocolate bar and cupcakes too.

And this spiral potato chips are awesome!

Our last destination was Mall of Asia. Again. But this was my first time to see cute hermit crabs with paintings on their shells. I have watched this before on television. THEY'RE LOVELY!

By the way, i got my very first Domo Kun item, a fury hat.

Our dinner was fine. Them we got curious with this halo halo from a Kapampangan's restaurant. It just taste like ice cream, but sweeter.

My sis got this but little notebook. I really love to travel. The only problem is, aint no money to support this whatever.

The ugly me with cute kawaii monster background. :D

Manila Ocean Park
Roxas Blvd. (behind Quirino Grand Stand), Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


  1. omg the domo hat :O!
    awww (keeps staring at it, LOL)

  2. cute?? really?? haha.! oh thanks! :D

    please don't stare! i'll melt! haha kidding!

  3. MOA!!!! I MISS IT! I envy you T__T and oh I like frozen Yogurt too <3 Love it so much. I'm glad you had so much fun here at Manila!! I'm in Manila you see, but really far from Moa. Love the DOMO HAT!!!! we should meet!! haha i have lots of DOMO stuff with me and a hat too, you should drop by SM Mega DOMOKUN is there <3

  4. @nadine, oh gosh! I didn't know. I hope i can drop by MEGA. :D I hope we'll have a tour there soon :D gggggeeee :D

    and im hoping for a blogger pilipinas meet up :D

  5. oh mannnn... this lovely post made me hungry as a teddy bear!

    and the domo hat you have... kawaiiiii!

  6. me ? i had agreat vday :) ahha.
    mm, domo kun ! i want one toooo XD


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