Just Updating

Hi guys! Sorry for not updating my blog. I've been busy in my tumblr. I don't know if you'll understand, cause it's in Tagalog/Filipino. Btw, you wanna check it out? My Last Agony. Oh yeah! Thanks for my cousin for the subdomain .

I'll post something here after Valentines. We'll be having a tour and I have my family with me (except my brother). I know it will be fun! So now, we're so excited! Like "Whoa! Where's my clothes!? What will I wear!? Sandwiches! Potato Chips! Prepare the camera!" And whatever! Haha!

And by the way, I know I'll never win in that Pagbasa Contest because I had submitted my entry so late. (Sorry for the grammar. I really don't know if it's right. LOL!) But thanks a lot for those who voted!, especially SUSAN.
Thanks a lot for the effort hun! :D

Plus, I joined another contest again! :D Cause I wanna win this very kawaii plush sushi set.

Here's my entry. It's not over decorated cause KAWAIINESS doesn't mean like that. :P So, I hope you'll vote me again here. Sorry guys, but help me WIN this time, ok? :D


Contest Infos:
Submission of Entries: January 13 – February 28
Voting of Entries: March 1 – March 12
Announcement of Winner: March 13 (Sunday)

And for other infos, you may visit KawaiiJunkie.


  1. ayee. belated happy valentines sis XD tour ? huwow. i miss having tour with my family XD

    i want that plush set too XD its so cuteee XD

  2. joined kawaii junkie's contest too.

    belated happy valentines.

    btw, linked you.

  3. happy belated valentines hun hun :3
    hope you enjoyed your trip, looking forward for the photos :3

    awww my name was tagged~ your welcome hun hun xD it's a pleasure to help you ~
    and imma help again >:3

  4. btw how to vote hun? :'O and tell me when you had replied ~

  5. @Cheen, charchar and hun, thanks for the greetings :D

    yeah hun, i'll tell you what to do later ok? mwah mwah mwahh! :D

  6. omg the sushi's are cute :D hope you can win it lymx ;)

  7. thanks julie, please vote me, ok? :D mwah!


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