Breaking Dawn

Another month is on. September, too much pressure! Finals is already headin my way. Long weekend is already over. I didn't enjoy it btw, I got sick, not really, but I feel that way this morning.
This month, we'll be having our tour in Macro Asia, the catering service inside NAIA, are you familiar of that? I guess so, if you reside in the Philippines. I don't know the exact date, maybe its 20-24.

Then another one, we'll be having our catering again, next week, Sept. 7, and our theme is Twilights' Breaking Dawn. Last time, I made our tickets, have I showed that to you? I guess not. I just showed the banner I made. So here is our ticket. Proposed Ticket.

See the menu? I don't know if you have any idea about what kind of foods will be served. haha. Actually, that's just...

Potato Chips

so yeah, I must be typing the grades I'm working with. Adios!

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