First Catering

I thought August wouldn't nice for me because of what happened last August 1, but things proved me wrong. Hehe. Nah, by the way, here's an update on what happened last Wednesday (Aug 3, 2011) in our Catering Event at Patio Cafe.

I got here a lot of photos but surely, I will not spam you with those, just a little maybe. :)

First Photo: Korean Dishes; Japchae (Korean Noodles), Dak Koi (Spicy Chicken) and Toasted bread.

What's for dessert? Fresh bitesize pineapples and watermelons.

The Chefs. Nah, they're my classmates assigned in the kitchen. They did all the preparations and cooking and stuffs. Here's Ian, Mark, Kirbie (at the back), Sir Andrew (our Catering Instructor) and Kuya Jeff.

Our Catering Class after the event. (Hey! That's the banner I made! :D)

Hey, that's me setting up the table with showplate, dinnerwares, tables napkins and stuffs.

I'm the receptionist. I stand after the door girl (She's Faye.) I ask the guests to lend me their tickets and sign at the log book.

The Executives. And I'm one of them. :) (Me, Jhon and Gladys)

Our Barman, Robi.

Me and Glady. Do I look like Dara? I'm suppose to imitate her. (This is what we call, EPIC FAIL.)


Lastly, a funny picture of me. I actually don't know what happened to me in this photo. Perhaps I'm suffering from EPILEPSY.

That's all. :P So it's Midterm already. I'll be back soon. I'll study first ok? I'm having a hard time with Hotel Accounting. :(


  1. i don't usually take breakfast, but seeing all these food this time in the morning just motivated me to eat some.

  2. Okay, ang galing lang ng timing ng blog entry mo eh.. kung kelan sobrang gutom na ako. Haha nice photos! Looks like you had a lot of fun! :) Kulit ng hair mo!


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