Posted on January 9, 2011, 06:18pm
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I bought new shoes in Bulacan. :D And another 4 Domokun items were added to my collections. :D A small shoulder bag (100), a necklace (65), cellphone case (65) and an eraser (7).

A white wedge with shoestring, perfect for a knee high dress.

Shoulder bag, cp case, wallet, necklace

  • 3 DomoKun bags
  • 2 coin purse
  • 1 small notebook
  • 1 ID lace
  • 1 baller
  • 1 shirt
  • 2 key chains
  • 1 necklace
  • 1 eraser

We had our prelim this morning in Finance 101, I got 41 out of 45. Tss. Honestly, I don't really know the answers on numbers 4, 8, something, I just took a guess. But still, I'm thankful I'm the third who got the highest score. Then we will have our preliminary exam tomorrow in English 106, haven't read my notes yet. I know I can answer the test with the help of my stock knowledge. :D


  1. you have so many domo items it looks like you own a store already. :)

  2. nice wedge! ooh! you have lots of lots of Domo-Kun! bigay ka naman jan! :D hehehe xD

  3. So that's what you call it.. "Domo". Thank you for that new information (well, at least for me it's new. haha)

  4. wow :O ang dami ng domo ~ hehehe

  5. That was a high grade that you got. Compared to mine. :))

    And I love domokun items. I used to collect them but stopped when I realized that I am wasting too much money. Lol.

    <3 GRYSH


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