What's your operating system?

Posted on January 30, 2012, 02:13pm
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Sorry guys. I really can't blog with the use of this operating system. My files (including notes, photos, vids, etc) were corrupted last week. Our pc's hard disk said goodbye after 11 long years. I tried to make a research on how to fix it but I guess I'm not suitable to make it back in life again. So what operating system I am using now is Linux' Ubuntu. My brother has a lot of installer and it never fails him. It's like Mac! But I'm still having a hard time figuring things out. No Photoshop, and other applications I used before.

Last year, I joined a lot of contest/giveaways about free planners. I joined Momme, Moonleaf, Starbucks, Belle de Jour and other planner giveaways. Sadly, I have not given a chance to win any.

But because of my "kakulitan", Ate Ro of Animetric's World gave one to me. Oha! :) I'm just so happy that she sent one of her planners to me last week. I received it in total package and I'm using it now for school memos and others.

This image is from http://animetric.blogspot.com/

And to make my bestfriend happy, I gave her a SB tumbler and a kawaii planner which I made just for her (with stickers, markers, pens included). :)

The rest of the images are mine.

Tomorrow, we will have our Midterm Examinations in English 106, and still, I haven't read my notes. The exam will start by 7 in the morning, which means I really need to get my self ready as early as 6. Phew. I wish I won't be late by tomorrow.

Ps. I can't wait for the Domo-Kun mousepad and band aids that I purchased from Ate Gel's Shop!


  1. ubuntu isnt that bad. try GIMP. its the photoshop for ubuntu. or better yet. use picnik. they are closing down on april so they gave everyone access to features only available for premium accounts. :)

    by the way, it's so sweet of you to give your friend something that you made yourself. i've been planning to do that all along too but i cant seem to come up with a good design for a tumbler. :(

  2. yes you're right. it's just it is slow unlike the previous OS that I'm using. haven't tried gimp yet, cause my mom's planning to buy a new hard disk. :)


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