Cheap Tour - Southeast Asia

Our department had our local tour in Baguio last month, and yes, I haven't joined them cause my Mom planned to visit New York, supposing we wouldn't have enough money for me to join this tour.

Yet I got this pasalubongs from my classmates. :D

And last week, I had to absent in one of my subject (which is Entrepreneurship in the Hotel Industry) to go with my Mom to US Embassy in Manila. She had her interview for her US Visa and I need to be with them (Lola) to take good care of their belongings, that's outside the US Embassy's premises. No food, water, cellular phones, usb, headsets, and even colognes, alcohol and perfume. I waited outside for almost 4 hours, under the heat of the sun, staring to other people who passed by in front of me. Atlast, they approached me by 10. Sadly, Mom's visa was denied. Ok, next topic. Mom don't want to talk about it.

After the local tour, CTHM will have an international tour in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Hopefully, I will be able to get my passport by next month for this tour is on March 29-April 1. I got my appointment letter from DFA and will meet them on Friday, February 17, by 3 in the afternoon. Who'll never be excited about it? I haven't told anybody about this except Reren (one of my close friend in school) and Ate Glad (my seatmate last sem). The itinerary's with me right now.

I want to join this tour. I really want!!! Pretty please!

Here are some of our pictures in our last event. :D
Me, Angel and Reren


  1. Omg strawberr jam and other stuff! I really miss the Philippines! :( I hope you could go and join the tour!

  2. The international tour sounds interesting. You got to join the tour! :)

    xoxo, <3 Grysh


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