January 2012

Posted on February 5, 2012, 06:28pm
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One of the major requirement in our subject Events Management is to manage an event in our school. This year, the faculty decided to have an Olympic which means a battle of competitive students in different culinary activities and categories. I have a lot of photos but I decided not to post them, I'm just so tired of everything. :X

Last week, I went to the CAP office here in Batangas. Yes, I am a scholar of the said plan. Mom and Dad have paid the whole amount of one of the scholarship listings, that was 2003, hoping that this company will help them regarding my college expenses. Mom was dismayed when the company was bankrupted last 2004. Just like other parents who invested alot for their children, Mom wanted to have our money back. The officer of CAP Batangas just got my enrollment forms, signed something and gave the forms back to me. She said that I just need to wait for their call to claim my checks, so now, Mom was so excited about the checks, but she knew that everything don't have assurance of when it will be claimed. I have read some blogs regarding this matter, and I saw a lot of concern people looking on ways on how can they claim their payments in CAP. One said, "CAP business is just like gambling in a casino without assurance of ever winning a game..what a waste of hard-earned money invested in CAP.."
I can't blame him/her, besides that's the truth.

PS. I really love opening packages!

2012 Momme Planner from Ate Ro of Animetric

cute Domo Kun items by Ate Gel of Hoshigirl
So, here's all of my DOMO-KUN collections! More to come! :D

  • 3 DomoKun bags
  • 2 coin purse
  • 1 small notebook
  • 1 ID lace
  • 1 baller
  • 1 shirt
  • 2 key chains
  • 1 necklace
  • 1 eraser
  • 1 mouse pad
  • 5 band aids
  • 1 case with lace
  • 1 tumbler


  1. woah!!! hello to your domo-kun collections!!! awesome! :D

    btw--- i have my new link :) kindly update, thanks!

  2. I totally agree about the CAP thing. Just last week, that was what we discused in our Economics class. I'm glad that my parents decided against availing their plans years ago. It's so hard to have your hard-earned money go to waste :(

    I love your Domo-kun collection! It's so adorable!


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