Brothers and Sisters Korean Restaurant (CLOSED)

Posted on March 20, 2012, 08:16pm

Wew! Hi blogger friends! I miss blogging! After this semester, I'll be blogging more. So, written in this blog, one of my wish this year is to eat in a Korean Restaurant. With my bestfriend Soh, I would be able to taste Korea, the zing on the tip of my tongue.

Brothers and Sisters Korean Restaurant, is in Libjo, the only Korean resto in Batangas, it is beside the National Road so you can easily locate the place in no time.

Soh and I have decided to have Bibimbap (Php150 only) and Gimbap (Php100 only)for dinner.
Just like other Korean resto, they have 5 different side dishes to accompany your ordered meal. This are all free.

Here's a bowl of salted shrimp with sesame seeds.

Hot stir fried potato, I guess.

This one is a zucchini platter. At first, I thought that it was a cucumber coated with egg and crab sticks.


We have here soup/dinner spoon, I wanna take one home, stainless chopsticks and glass.

We have free Korean soup too, which is composed of onion leeks, some pork meat, some miso, and a taste of sesame oil.

My first ever Bibimbap! :) I was just too excited to take pictures that's why we forgot to mix everything in the bowl, still we managed to eat the overcooked rice at the bottom.

Gimbap/Kimbap, taste like bacon! :)

And two (2) cans of grape juice (Php50) for us.


We spent Php450 all in all. Isn't that cheap for a dinner for two? :) The foods are very affordable yet you'll never be disappointed when it comes to the amount of servings.

Over all Rating:
Includes the service, ambiance, location, food taste and price.

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